1. I have the same problem with a RCA L80D10 can u help me

  2. Tampatec, I have a 47LG50 that has a flashing off & on picture when I turn it on, any suggestions as to what could be causing this ? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me on how to remedy this issue

  3. I have the same problem with the HP PL4260N, sound but no picture…Any clue??

  4. kevin trowbridge

    maybe you can help advise me with my problem. ive got a lg 42ln5400-ua that when you turn it on, everything seems ok at first but as time goes on, the picture will change from the original clear image to an either light blue screen or a slight orangeish color with a bar at the top of the screen that goes all the way across the screen. the color is white. when this happens i am unable to turn off the tv without unplugging it from the wall. as soon as i plug it back in, the tv powers back on and goes back to a clear normal image. sometimes if i leave the tv unplugged the tv will have a normal image and seem to work correctly anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes before i get the same error as ive described to you. if needed i can send you a video of whats happening to better describe it to you, your choice lol!

  5. hi. I have a LG 55lh40 with the same problem. it powers on, got the blue light, there's light on screen, has sound but channel and menu button won't do anything, no image. checked for physical damage didn't see any. is there anything else I should check for?

  6. what causes a capacitor to go bad like that?

  7. I have Polaroid tv after 1 or 2 hrs used screen become blank imidiatly.do u know how to fix this problem.

  8. I have an LG 50LN5750 Stand by light comes on, No picture no backlight and no sound! when I power on the TV the light Flashes twice then goes out. I already replaced the power board and thats not the issue please send suggestions!

  9. Hi, if the capacitors measure 20-30% more of the printed value, they are still ok or it's better to replace them? no bulge etc. on them.

  10. Aidana WillowRaven

    Where can I buy capacitors?

  11. i have samsung smart tv that has sound but no picture, may the problem be the same?

  12. Thanks a bunch…omg!!!! Life saver…

  13. Dhe'Mari Gordon

    I have a lg tv and when I try to turn it on nothing happens … the red light stays on … even when I tried unplugging the power cord from the tv and the outlet nothing changed… can you help me ??

  14. Diegom Mendoza

    how I can fix my tv Lg 50LN5100
    50 inches..
    Serie 308RMXXAG266
    code 50LN50100-UB.BUSYLJR
    year made august 2013
    I have sound but no imagen
    dark screen

  15. Nice job but even lucky because they were just the capacitors clearly gone.

  16. can I work for any tv or a pacific type of tv?

  17. i'll try this

  18. Hey…thanks, just fixed my tv👍

  19. ok, Ty for the video. so just to recap, i have sound but no image and yes there is picture with a flashlight pointed at it in a dark room, which component is bad? thanx

  20. Hi l have a LG flat screen my TV went out 6mo ago it has no sound are pic. But can still click on when turned on by remote l here a clicking sound but no pic . Try changing channels the power button will respond to change what "do l do lm thinking it's really minor

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