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lg led smart tv 49lf6300 full hd with web 2.0 OS review


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  1. Shankar Lal Mandowara

    Hi sir I am planning to buy this tv 49lf6300 I want to know whether this TV is 3D smart+ or just normal smart TV. Also I wanted to know which camera is supported by this TV to make video calling if compatible. And finally for how much did you get this TV and in which month? Thanks

  2. should i buy this tv or the lg 43lf5900 if i want to pperate ps 4 in it

  3. Hi Nabeel, sorry to bother again.. I went to LG showroom today to actually buy this 49LF6300 TV. I took my 1 TB hard drive with me to check out the response time and video quality. To my surprise the display models 43 and 55 inches both LF6300 was unable to recognise the HDD and failed.
    I then went to Sony and Samsung showrooms and surprisingly both Samsung (48J5300) and Sony(48W700c) TVs were able to read the external Hard Drive and display all the videos. Sony TV was a bit slow in responding and crashed a few times. However with Samsung it was a smooth ride, recognised the drive in seconds and played all my video files.

    I am really confused again. Did you actually try hooking up 1 TB or more external hard drive with your LG TV and faced any such issues? LG salesman said the HDD should be FAT32 formatted and not NTFS which I do not believe.

    Please guide… Thanks..

  4. Is LF5900 also a gud option? It comes without a smart remote.. But rest of the features are same

  5. Hi Nabeel, thanks for the detailed review on this LG model. I also saw your video on Samsung 48J5300. Would it be possible for you to let me know how is the external media play back response time on this LG TV. We saw that Samsung took ages to load the USB drive.
    I know Samsung is able to play almost all formats. Is it the same with LG? I mostly watch lot of downloaded stuff from my HDD.. movies, series etc and hence wanted to know more on the playback details. Would really appreciate your feedback on this.


    Hi Nabeel, I am planning to buy 43lf6300 but I am also confused with 3d version of the tv LG 42LF6500(price difference is less). Can you please suggest me which tv should i go. Also do you have any idea when webos 3.0 smart tv will release in India. Thank you!!

  7. Thanks Nabeel … I am considering buying this LG 49lf6300 on coming weekend … I have seen one LG model 49lf5530 (Full HD) which was having high motion blur. Then I came to know it is because of the refresh rate of 50hz (or 60hz).

    How about this 49lf6300 model? Is this model is also having high motion blur while watching football or cricket match? Is this model having the refresh rate of 100hz (or 120hz)? I am not able to find this info on LG website.

    Is this model equipped with LG Trumotion Technology?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Kamaleshvarshan Cool

    and you must know they removed Skype,they don't run that app in this TV model,but you didn't mention that in this video

  9. Kamaleshvarshan Cool

    that's what I'm asking you,tell me the camera model for your TV, bcoz my TV is the same one

  10. Kamaleshvarshan Cool

    nabeel why did they remove Skype app? if this is a smart TV it should have that feature too right? and should we buy the camera for the TV which is mentioned in the camera app,but in the lg website its said as cameras are for only select model.reply me soon.I have the same TV but it is a 55inch model

  11. Hi Bro,Thanks for your review, was very helpful.I was confused which one to opt among Sony, Samsung , Micromax and LG.Can you please suggest a good Smart TV, my budget is 40-55k . I got the pricing for LG 43LF6300 as 54k from my Bajaj electronics with one year extended warranty. Online sellers are offering it for approx. 49k. How is the HD experience LG when compared to Sony and Samsung.Thanks in advance

  12. Hi Nabeel, whats your take on its display?

  13. is ths good for gaming?

  14. how does this TV perform in day to day life…is it good for daily use and is there any issues regarding picture quality or any problems in tv?

  15. Udayakumar Rayala

    Can you confirm the picture quality compared to Samsung j5300? I like the magic remote but Samsung screen looked better at stores. But wanted your personal experience using at home.

  16. how much you paid for this @LG

  17. Alejandro Caviglia

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Abhishek Kachare

    i have also brought LG 43lf6300 and i am very happy with the features it has. performance and quality is awesome. Best TV

  19. Suganandan Poojari

    Very Informative I was about to buy Samsung 48J5300 now I changed my mind. ….At what price did you buy this LG TV?

  20. George Phillips

    Thank you for the review. I am also considering to buy LG's LED TVs because they all equip IPS panels. For me the number one priority for a TV is its color reproduction, and black level is not that important. Who actually look at the dark parts of scenes? We look at the colorful parts of the scenes! A lot of reviews give LG's TVs bad reviews based on black level and contrast levels measured by machines but ignored the actual colors a TV can reproduce. My PC monitors are all Dell monitors that have LG's IPS panels. It's hard to give up that great color reproduction of IPS panels and go with the VA panels that have really poor color and poor viewing angels.

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