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LG Signature G6 OLED – Review



  1. Even from YouTube I was able to realize how stunning the colors, contrast ratio and the overall image is. My only concerns are two, more generic than specific to this TV:
    1. The lack of HFR (High Frame Rate) content. Basically content recorded at 48p instead of 24p. An upgrade to framerate is absolutely needed in order to really push visual quality forward.
    2. The typical 21:9 Cinemascope aspect-ratio. I don't know about you but I don't really like those black banners appearing on top and at the bottom of the image. It's like wasting pixels and you don't have a 1:1 accurately represented image. Many pixels are just unused due to this format. I wish more movies were shot, other than at 48p, in a 16:9 (1.85:1) aspect-ratio to perfectly fill the screen with image.
    Btw awesome TV and great review! :)

  2. I am going to buy an LG OLED this year come hell or high water!!!! I am interested in their B series which I think comes out in the summer. Their website doesn't have any pricing yet on those models. Please do a review on that series when they come out! I can't wait to get one!!!!!

  3. James Chisholm

    This OLED vs Panasonic DX900/DX902B smackdown video!

  4. this is what calls it a state of the art in the real sense…in picture quality, tech, design

  5. Munya Mapurazi

    Samsung KS9800 vs this OLED
    That'd be a comparison worth looking at. Probably gonna buy one based on your reviews of them

  6. wow

  7. girlsdrinkfeck

    as ugly as LGs phones

  8. Same panel issues. vertical line streak has appeared on some early owners. motion no improvement. Near black uniformity still not there.

  9. Apart from the fact that this will still have the same issues and panel integrity issues as the other consumer grade oleds. Why don't they just release a monitor only version without all that extra crap that takes money and quality out of the quality control

  10. Patrik Gårdewall

    colors everywhere right ?
    kids will like those cartoon colors for sure 😄

  11. 4K TV review. Footage of review is shot at 1080p. Smh. Never change, Digital Trends.

  12. well … damn

  13. That is beautiful!

  14. FINALLY!!! This will be mine soon as I donate my kidneys and sell my wife on Craigslist!!!!

  15. Wait what lg 2016 flagship is not curved!

  16. fantastic

  17. Imho you guys should do these TV videos with just a voice over, no need stand in front of it….

  18. Paul Shakeshaft

    A great TV that has been totally spoiled by a none removable sound bar , if only LG at the sense to make it removable it would have looked a whole lot better ,,,

  19. impressive quality

  20. AnecdotalSmith

    What movie is that playing on the TV?

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