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  1. The echo makes it hard to hear you.

  2. Michel Darío Benegas Ruíz Díaz

    Can anyone tell me which is the magic remote control model?

  3. Thank you for the review. You took your time and explained everything very well. I will be buying this TV this week.

  4. I own an LG 43lf6300 (Quad Core), Reviews every where were good so i bought it, but those are LG Sponsored.
    I cant understand what's so smart about WebOS2?
    The browser does not support flash videos, so no videos in browser. The text resolution of browser is small (default due to HD, UHD resolutions, it looks extremely small), and you cant adjust it. So you cant browse websites either, as the fonts are so small you have to stand right in front of the TV to read. The browser is the worst made by humans till date. It should be in world records. WebOS should also be in worst OS ever records.
    The OS lags and hangs so much that you will not use it for any of its smartness.
    There is no File Manager.
    I could have bought a bigger screen without the stupid and useless WebOS.
    WebOS is complete crap, and every one should stay away from it.

  5. I bought an LG Smart TV WebOS 2.0 2015 – 40", but I did not get the Smart Magic remote control (as shown in the video). He is sold separately and costs too much! This is misleading advertising.

  6. dioniemel borres

    I have here same TV just newly bought…….please teach me how to connnect it to my WIFI network………..

  7. can i download movies on this TV?

  8. How did you record your tv?

  9. Hi, thanks for this vid. Very helpful if you're considering getting a TV with this system on. 2 quick questions. Is the Web OS kind of overlaid on top of whatever TV service or set top box you happen to be using, so you can access it without having to switch to another HDMI or other input, or is it only accessible from within the TV's own tuner? For instance If I was watching programmes on BT TV/YouView would I be able to hit the home button on the magic remote and the Web OS menu would come up? Or would I have to switch out of HDMI 1 and back to the TV's native Freeview tuner? Also you mention adding a hard drive and using the systems own scheduler to record broadcast TV programmes. Is it possible to just connect an external hard drive via USB and record programmes onto that using the TV's (Web OS) own scheduler? If that's possible then I'd probably just get rid of BT TV, lol. Thanks in advance. Would welcome any advice. :)

  10. Hey do you know what it means when applications thumbnails have Change colour slightly

  11. Just bought it from john lewis £1399

  12. best tv of 2015

  13. i have lg cinema 3d lf6500 …… is this good or no????

  14. hey can anyone help me how to connect my laptop to LG WEBOS i am trying for long but i can not connect to my laptop ?

  15. Can you change the wallpaper?

  16. Hi I have pressed the home button in the middle and I still can't see YouTube help please !!!

  17. can anyone tell me how we can get the youtube app on our new LG 4k smart TV please. we seem to have all the other apps but I can't find youtube app on the content store. it's frustrating because I can access yt via Web browser :/

  18. Should I regret my new LG TV purchased given that its smart OS is tied to this, instead of say Android TV which will have thousands of apps available from the get-go ? WebOS only has a few pages of apps at present as far as I can see, and I can't see it ever catching up to the standard that Android has become. Has anybody tried getting this ACL installed onto it to possibly layer over Android apps and still get the benefit ?

  19. Maximiliano Bertón Albornoz

    Hi, my cursor doesn't move when I move my remote control, how can I make this happen? Thanks!

  20. how do you get flash player on this tv …. ????

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