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My first 4K Curved Smart TV | Is the Curve worth it?



  1. What game were you playing? Looks great

  2. what is the name of the game on 5:40 ?

  3. Pimphand Gamester

    I don't really care about 4k, hell I still watch regular DVD's but I do want a smart TV with a good UI, responsive and some decent apps. Been looking at the UN55JU6700FXZA

  4. can you put Webcam for Skype do they will work or not ? on that TV?

  5. lepdener jamir

    What game were u running??

  6. Is the apple TV worth it if you have a smart TV?

  7. Does it make any difference if one uses an UHDMI 1.4 or 2.0 or they are about the same shiznit?

  8. Michael Taylor

    whats the point of buying a 4k tv when most games aren’t in 4k?

  9. try out seiki u vision cable hdmi cable su4kc1 model it healps out lot for money and budget for best out of any 4k tv picture quality

  10. Gimmick. Distortion if your not sitting right in front.

    Just something TV companies are using to make people want to buy a new TV

  11. Hugo Frederico

    technically not 4k just uhd so why MY FIRST 4K …. on t name of t vid? ridiculous fk yt liars

  12. where is the elephant in the room

  13. Not a real 4K t.v. Anything less than 4.4.460hz-120hz. Unless u have high end gpu. This is pretend "upscaling."No hdmi 2.0 ?

  14. why did they play a game for little kids….

    why not play a real game……

  15. It is possible to game at 60fps at 4K on the new Samsung SUHD's. They changed it to accommodate the new 4K Bluray players which are able to play up to 60FPS video. Good example is the Samsung UN55JS9000. It doesn't cost any extra for the curve and it's gone down considerably in price.

  16. 1:13 you missed a plastic strip. Take it off…now.

  17. A curved version only makes sense if it's over 60", it's meant to have more a theater type effect and you can't get that with smaller sizes.

  18. richard Gonzalez

    not worth it

  19. I still don't know how you pay for all this stuff….

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