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my review of the 32 inch vizio led 1080 p tv


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  1. Just got one for 80 bucks from a dope head

  2. Dominic Volpatti

    who is deana

  3. "Hard to find a 1080p"? Maybe in 2005. They're dirt cheap and dirt common now. And, Vizio TVs are made in CHINA.

  4. Get a job, you lazy bum

  5. Cool TV dude. Hope you enjoy it

  6. and it falls off the table in 3…….2…….1…………3 thumbs down, heh,heh. 3 thumbs down, heh, heh

  7. Hey sperg? You’re about the most absolutely thankless person I’ve ever seen.
    You’re a scumbag leech pure and simple and I really wish you’d get fuck off GLP.
    Tardy people! Tardy people! Uh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh. Tardy people. Uhuhuhuhuh.

  8. Deana is party people

  9. GLP hahaha

  10. Dude..Put Kodi on there and watch Free Movies, Sports and TV shows..

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