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Old 1969 RCA New Vista Color TV – Turned on after 10 years…



  1. Back when RCA was king of tv's and stereos. Where did it all go wrong with RCA? I don't necessarily think it was just Japanese competition, but also when RCA tried to go too far in diversifying into other ventures in the mid-70's

  2. WoAh

  3. is it hook up to a dta?

  4. quiero uno de esos ya!!!! XD

  5. Sistertubetime

    I bought an old tv (1955 GE) I hooked up a panasonic VCR player via a cord connected to the rabbit ears. It played clear sound but still just a fuzzy screen ( no picture at all) Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  6. I have one of these unfortunately the record player doesn't work :(

  7. This T.V. set with the VCR, the record player and the radio seems like it costs about £2,000.50. 😇

  8. Norwegian tape recorders Tandberg & RN &Proton

    Like it!

  9. Since I don't watch TV at all, I will put something like this in my living room, instead of modern one :D

  10. I want old times back when whole families would sit and watch..

  11. Back in '69, I used to see console color TV's like this in magazine ads and catalogs (they came in Colonial, Spanish and Contemporary), and long for the day we could afford one. We finally bought a Sears 19" "portable" color TV in October of 1970. First TV show I ever saw in color at my own house was a rerun of "Batman".

  12. Maciej Walczak

    60s in one video

  13. A fancy console set. You had to be rich to afford something like that.

  14. Sistertubetime

    Would It be possible to do a video on how you hooked up the VCR?

  15. wow ur tv is awesome I don't think today's smartest tvs can do such things without internet 😻😻😻

  16. Michel lacroix

    wow that's a piece of history.

    made me thing about that guy who is fitting an LCD into an old french TV : http://laurent-schmidt.com/index.php/2015/10/22/sonneclair/

  17. Alberto Santiago

    I love your tv. so original and classic :)

  18. you put a tape of FedEx

  19. listing to the hum of the filter caps. Cool video brotha.

  20. I want that tv

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