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Panasonic 2015 Smart TV System Review


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  1. There should be more apps and a feature to search apps.

  2. does anyone know if it is possible to get access to all apps. I have a new Panasonic 4k tv in Australia, but I do not have access to the Amazon Video App as its not on the marketplace. I think the TV has region specific firmware which is the issue. Is there any way of installing another regions firmware? Would that work?

  3. Is there a VuDu app available?

  4. OriginalNoseBleed

    awful sound quality its like youre in a warehouse

  5. Саша Фурів

    what is wrong with your sound??? it is horrible !!!

  6. Looks great. Will this system be added to older 4k TVs like the 58" Ax802b.
    I find the current menu system lacking a little visual polish, comprehensive as it is.


  7. Kristoffer Abildgaard

    Thanks for the video, but why the bad sound quality?

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