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Panasonic 4 Series HD LED TV TX-42A400B – AO.com Review



  1. Fyi ive just bought the 40" and plugged it in and set it up. Its good enough for a cheap TV, and about the quality i expected for the price. It has JUST enough sockets for my gear. The screen is a bit shiny, glad my room is fairly dark. Sound is shit, but shit sound is a standard feature on all TVs these days.

    Basically its what I expected for the price. The acid test will be how long it runs. Atm virtually all manufacturers are using the lowest end components on the circuit boards, and many are subcontracting the building and sticking their own badges on them. The end result is that you might buy a Crapston TV, and have samsung boards inside, or you might buy a "good" brand, and find out it was built using crappy boards, in some shack in Turkey. Combined with the cost saving on the components means its a real crap-shoot regarding how long your TV lasts.

    Having been recently stung, I decided to go for a cheap TV, made by Panasonic because on average, they have the lowest failure rate. ( I recently bought a top end LG Smart TV, which crapped out after 14months, and is going in tomorrow for its SECOND repair.)

    The lesson I learned from all this is this: Save your money and dont buy a high end smart TV unless you are buying THE VERY BEST, and getting a 5 year warranty. The money you save not going for a smart tv, spend that on an xbox One. You can use the xbox apps to run Netflix, Amazon prime, BBC iplayer etc.

    Sad to say, but TVs are a disposable item these days, if they run for 5 years without failing consider yourself lucky.

  2. ….so you can use the remote to access the TVs settings! Thanks for explaining that, it made the whole experience worth it!

  3. I give up, She is chatting so much crap lol.

  4. Excellent picture with hd but poor sound quality but Panasonic have made it like that on purpas so u will bie a sound bar or what ever

  5. Sure it comes with freesat? 

  6. My screen is loose on my Panasonic tv is it spose to be like that meaning when I tutch it it moves meaning it's not falling out but not tight to the frame

  7. Stephen Mikulic

    I have the TH-42A400A, when I select my favourite channels, how do I then call up my favourites?  There is no 'fav' button on the remote.

  8. hidde kooistra

    Is this a sturdy tv? and not a plasticy heap of shit like some LG's?

  9. Review? more like an advert.

    The TV is awful, google any review of the TV.

  10. Fantasticexcellentveryvery1stclass

  11. 100Hz doesnt matter for console since they cant produce 120fps, 30Hz is all you need to consoles, 60Hz for some games but not alot :)

  12. I think it's in slightly bad taste if the presenter doesn't know how to pronounce 'h' properly when it's going to be said so many times

  13. is it lcd or led   On argos website says Led but on acctual  box and instruction LCD

  14. i got problem when i press (i)    button its shows that is 1018 50 hz  How do i change to 100hz?    Also anybody knows best setting for best pictures etc      Also when i conect my headphones i can hear on both  tv and a headphone How can i her on headphones only ??  much appreciated for  any answwers

  15. guy in the photo frame is me

  16. Please don't lie about coming first or second in a video game. Even on the most powerful console (PS4) most games don't exceed 60 frames per second so the game itself is a bottleneck and it won't much to no difference at all.

  17. Bloody Marvelous :)

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