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Panasonic 4K HDR TV Review TX-58DX700B



  1. The Horror Vault

    hI you said this is a review of a tx 58dx700b but on the video at 1.09 on the back of the tv it plainly says TX 40DX700B WHICH ONE IS IT???? hope you did'nt get doped..

  2. Hello Can you pause and record television programs on this tv?

  3. Thanks for the review, it was very helpful. I've got the exact same television sitting in the box behind me and I'm hoping to put it up tomorrow. I do have a couple of questions and I'm hoping you can help. I have an old Panasonic that I bought in 2007. It is one of your plasma screens and are still going strong. It has the Viera Link built into it and I had to have a separate cable in order to get it to work. Do you have to have a separate cable for Viera on this new television? Also, I've got one of your Panasonic cinema system units that I bought at the same time as the plasma. I don't see much point in changing it because it still works really well. I'm assuming that this will still work with the new televisions?

  4. Hi Adam I'm pretty tempted to get one of these but have read a lot of reviewers complaining about motion blur which is surprising for a 1600 MHz refresh rate tv, have you encountered that?

  5. did it come with the mounting bolts in the box as I'm looking at putting it on my existing vesa wall mount

  6. Hey man, what's the best picture settings your using on normal freeview HD channels. Iv been playing around with it but they picture seems a bit too washed for me!

  7. is HDR active in gaming mode? and is the response time good too for gaming?

  8. I have one of these, but i'm not sure if it has bluetooth or not?

  9. Qual é melhor para comprar TC-58DX700B ou Smart TV LED 55 "Samsung SUHD 4k 55KS7000 me ajudem

  10. Hey adam, I really like your videos! Keep it up man 👍

  11. great review,am well jel

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