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Panasonic CS520E Full HD TV review



  1. for movies cs520e or h6400?,i have android tv box so dont care what tv have better smart platform, only interested in 720p and 1080p movies.

  2. +TV Calibration withDarko, first of all, THANKS a lot for Your brilliant work!
    Can U help me with choosing TV for watching movies and sports in dark bedroom?
    Which model have a better picture quality and blur reduction 40cs520e or Samsung 40j6202?
    What is native Hz of both models?

  3. This a comprehensive yet not boring review, i must say i like your reviewing approach, the alternative recommendations part and additional recommended calibration movies as well. Last year your reviews convinced me to get panasonic as 600 – great for late night cinema in bedroom. keep up the good work!

  4. so this TV is not good for gaming?

  5. Hello, can you advise me between this panasonic tv in your video that i can have for 407$ and the Samsung tv Ue48h6400 for 435$, thank you for your help !! :):)

  6. Thx (hvala) Darko. Just bought this for my bedroom and I put your settings. The black is really good at this pricerange. Very good sound and fast wifi. The bad is lack of Dts-support and crappy smart-tv. But as a tv it's great!

  7. can you connect netfilx on this tv ?

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