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Panasonic CX600 4K TV – Hands-on review



  1. haha.. we have the exact same tv.. just mine is 55 inch screen..

  2. I have the 50CX600 and I bought the Malaysia-built version of it from Sri Lanka. I got the 50CX600s which is apparently the Asian version. I can't seem to find Netflix and Netflix recently came to Sri Lanka. Is it because I have the Asian version of it?

  3. I have the CX680B model of this TV, so mine is a bit better

  4. Panasonic like Sony has a good track record of reliable electronics, so you won't likely have to worry about a new TV because of build quality. Vizio also seems to have a fairly good track record for reliable electronics.. Samsung is another to consider…. Then possibly LG… I believe Westinghouse is rated as one of the lowest… I don't know where Insignia rates, as well as TCL…

  5. get vizio

  6. basically this sucks.

  7. long story short: this is a bad TV

  8. First

  9. no displayport?

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