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Panasonic CX680E Ultra HD Firefox OS TV review



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  1. Hello Darko, what would be the alternatives to this TV in terms of picture quality and reproduction of motion/fast moving images? I am looking at sony's 49×8309, panasonic's 50cx700 or perhaps samsung 48ju6000. Could you recommend something else? Thanks!

  2. CookieMurderer123

    Hi Darko can you advice 50 inch tv with good viewing angle , direct lit and best black colour ?

  3. Looked for a tv that will replace my 46g30 but it has to have deeper blacks, and then I was pretty dissapointed finding that all these new led's dont come close to my panny except for the very expensive oled. All these mid range 4k led's can achieve approx. 0.04 and worse and no one sells st60, vt60 or zt60 so I gave up searching

  4. What is the measured black level on this tv?

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