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Panasonic DX902/ DX900 4K HDR TV Review



  1. Саша Фурів

    Sony x940D is better !

  2. Can you please tell me the IFC settings you used to achieve the best motion resolution? I am struggling quite a lot with it on my set.

    Kind regards

  3. Thanks HDTVtest. Do you think motion blur on this TV is an improvement or a downgrade compared to a 5 year old top of the range Samsung LED LCD panel? I'd like to think it's an improvement, but talk of black smearing has me concerned.

  4. Tom Janosik (Tom3dJay)

    I'd love to see that white square test in dark environment, it's hard to believe there's no light bleeding.

  5. TV Calibration with Darko

    Nice to see HDTVtest producing video reviews – welcome to the club :)

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