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Panasonic LED 4K 3D TV – 48CX400B Review


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  • Frequency range: Full Spectrum 15 - 20.000 Hz from Highest peak to deepest Bass
  • Speaker diameter: 40 mm
  • Driver type: Neodymium for High sensitivity and bass response
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
Some foolish people really believe in things that aren't true. Not me, I only Shift Identity when I want to. Maybe I can even propagandize others now, 40mm of Neodymium will be pretty convincing. It's not illogical to have 108dB swiveling around in 90 degrees. Some actual and real propaganda: a foam padded headband, pleatherized pads and a closed acoustic system is the only way to go.

Frequency range: 15 - 20.000 Hz
Speaker diameter: 40 mm
Magnet type: Neodymium

List Price: £9.99 Price: £9.99


  1. bought this tv a few months ago , very happy with it . picture perfect , couldnt get over the 4k pictures on netfliks . marco polo . you could even see the pores on ghengis khanes face . a bit too reall .great tv

  2. can i play 4k from usb FLASH memory ?

  3. can it do 4k at 60hz (hdmi 2.0)

  4. Hi
    How do I cast my screen from my android phone?


    thank you for the review which is really helpful. I have a silly question, as it is my 1st smart tv, can I use skype on it? if yes, which webcam should I buy?
    thanks again.

  6. does it have itv player, 4od and 5 on demand? thanks

  7. Hi, What 3D Glasses brand  do you on this video ?Do you have a small "Buzzing Noise" in ECO mode or 3D mode ?

  8. Very informative liked the video I've bought this TV slightly different mine is 50B it's black instead of silver and I'm excited lol will be my first 4k TV will get it on 27/01/16

  9. What 3d glasses do i need for this tv, the specific number can you help, thanks!!!

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