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Panasonic ST60 TX-P42ST60B 3D Plasma TV Review



  1. It's not just the bargain of the year. It was the bargain of the next couple of years. I doubt within 5 years we will see a TV this good for less than 10k. I feel like out of the box at least OLED can't compete, let alone any LED TV for any amount of money. To catch up it will take a while… if that is even possible.

  2. I'm thinking about picking this up in 55" or 60" as an upgrade from a 42" plasma th-42pz8OU.

  3. I still prefer my 2013 Samsung 46" 8000, stunning LED TV.

  4. Dead.Skin.Mask

    I have the 55" model, and it's a stunning Tv. The footage in that video does not do it justice at all.

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