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Panasonic TV connect wifi & setup Review



  1. i have the same tv! U my friend are a GOD send.

  2. Does is HAVE to be the panasonic adapter?

  3. i installed a remote control android app for Viera .. and it should work with wi fi to control via my phone .. is the wifi piece u show in the first minute of the clip necessary to apply the software? thx for ur care

  4. Thank you!!!

  5. no, sorry i corrected my video i meant vivid mode has brightest colors which causes over color saturation on tv-sets (lose details in hd picture) but i use monster calibration disc to correct the video settings.

  6. Vivod is the worst setting. Do you relly like it?

  7. Do you have to have that exact usb adapter for it to work? if you do what the name of it? because a have netgear. should i get the netgear adapter?

  8. Several of the shots like @ 5:01 look at the reflection, looks like a Glock on the bed!…lol

  9. it only works for some panasonic models try to contact panasonic or go to their website to see.

  10. get the "netgear powerline adapter kit" works best, i used on many my customers setups.

  11. How much was the wifi adapter? lookin to buy one.

  12. yes cause it has n & g builtin it

  13. @anhdangbich -> best device fastest internet is "netgear powerline adapter"

  14. I bought D-link Wireless N150 USB Adapter for Plasma panasonic th-p50st30v but the Wireless LAN adaptor not detected. What is the problem ? Do I buy a Wireless adaptor that doesn't suit with this kind of TV???? If yes, What kind of Wireless Adaptor should I buy?

  15. @auholmesc – usb wifi adapter but look up "netgear powerline adapter" its fastest connection you will get cause its wired through your house's electric powerlines. no config just plug & play, just set tv to wired connection.

  16. Hi there, what sort of Wi-Fi Adapter are you using. Im in Australia here and i notice its not the DY-WL10. They want 100 Dollars for them here Im looking for an alternative. Thx.

  17. @HDTVinstallers – true, thanks bro

  18. @CubansGoingCraZZZy – me & everyone else too

  19. @CookinCuban – thanks

  20. router needs to be within 25ft of tv or move wireless router higher up & away from other electronics devices that may interfere with wifi

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