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Panasonic TX-39A400B Unboxing and Review



  1. great tutorial!


    i bought a refurbished Panasonic VIERA TX-39A300B 39" TV today and it won't turn on at all. I've plugged in the power and pressed the turn on button on the remote and nothing is happening. no lights at all.

    do you know the problem?

  2. What about how to put it on a wall? Please reply, I've ordered one!

  3. yours house seems simple but beautiful & lovely, make a tour video please?

  4. sumit kumar Sengupta

    this review more than one year old. please just tell me the performance of this tv. I have some idea to buy this. is it good tv? please let me know.

  5. ive got the A300 but my stand is different

  6. rubbish TV's  I want to go back to samsung

  7. What a nice guy! 

  8. great review i note its being flamed up on hotdeals at £169 as a refurb so im going to leap in!

  9. Can see them talking about this on Hotukdeals currently. Thanks for the picture settings 🙂
    For anyone curious, apparently this set is made by Vestel. Surprised to see Panasonic take this route…..

  10. Going to be getting a slightly different model to this but still really enjoyed your video :)

  11. What sound settings are you using? I have just bought the TX-39A300B (slightly fewer bells & whistles than yours) and the sound is really poor.

  12. hi! how hi is the tv from the stock to the tv?
    reply please, thx!

  13. Is it good for gaming ? I am planning to buy this along with a PS4. Please reply !!

  14. Thanks for the helpful video, you just earned yourself a subscriber!!!☺☺

  15. Nice review


    found it hard to find a detailed video thanks 

  17. I think Panasonic have shipped a batch out that were wrongly labelled as LCD when they are clearly LED 

  18. how fast is the channel switching and startup. although these are probably the most important features for people who wanna watch tv, i cant find that info anywhere.

  19. is it led or lcd????  on argos shows led but on my instuction says lcd

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