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Panasonic TX 50AX802 Ultra HD 4K TV Review



  1. Carolyn Woulfe

    I hope someone here can help me. Just bought this tv because of the beautiful image at the store. Can anyone suggest how to stream from my Mac? Apple TV is all pixelly and laggy. I know Apple Tv doesn't stream 4K, but does it stream regular video? I don't know whether the problem is a tv setting, apple tv, or the laptop. ALSO and this is so annoying I'm ready to chuck the tv out the window – No matter what's on the screen, every ten minutes or so this ad comes on – not a banner ad – I looked up how to turn those off. It's a full-screen animation telling me how to use the Info Bar. It goes for about a minute and you turn it off by hitting any button. I've looked through every setting. I've read the manual (I've had spoons with more comprehensive manuals) and googled it. Any suggestions would be REALLY appreciated.

  2. I have this tv and when you put native 4k content the tv is jaw dropping pc gaming with a pc via displayport is amazing input non existent. Unless all you play is competitive fps then get a monitor. But this is as good as it gets gaming on a TV. 1080p upscale content loose flawless
    The tv is 100% made in Japan. 

  3. I'm getting this 

  4. nobody can touch panasonic haha

  5. If the ax902 cant beat the zt- this one has mo chance. 

  6. good stuff

  7. Nice!

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