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Panasonic TX 50CX700 4K UHD TV Review



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  1. Exalphagos the Destroyer of Worlds and Bringer of Infinite Misery

    How many total inpoots does this TV have?

  2. Just got the 700 55". What 3D glasses would you recommend

  3. can i use this in the philippines?

  4. i would like to buy a710e model however i am in doubt if i can use it in the philippines since it is a PAL format.can i use european models in the philippines? thank you and merry christmas

  5. Zsolt Velykovits

    As far as I can see, there is a green led at the bottom of the screen. Is it on all the time when you use the tv?

  6. Can i use this TV for gaming with PS4?

  7. input lag figures are in the review, link in the description.

  8. Dies anyone know what the input lag is on this set as I will be hooking up my ps4??

  9. Panasonic vs Sony 50w829 ?

  10. I work for currys :)

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