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Panasonic TX-65CZ952B (CZ950) OLED TV Review



  1. I think this will be my next tv, I previously owned a panasonic gt50 and black levels were excellent, plus the 3d was awesome. In order to get true contrast you need to have a tv that produces true black levels. So if panasonic has improved black levels in this new oled model, then I'm all in.

  2. So after 5 months is this better than the ZT60? if no then i won't buy another tv for 10 years at least.. It's just not progressing.

  3. Panasonic should realise everyone has become wise to the curved ultra jargon, as far as the price "its humongous" for a piece of tech thats flawed in delivery terms

  4. ForViewingOnly

    Hi AVforums, do you have a list of currently available TVs that you have given the Reference Status award to? Thanks.

  5. This is the one I've been waiting for.

  6. Panasonic needs to offer the option of a FLAT 4k OLED,and make it in sizes: 46" to 55"–not just in a total wall-filling size of 65".Only then I will buy….immediately.

  7. Panasonic needs to offer the option of FLAT 4k OLED, and make such a TV available in sizes: 46" to 55".When that happens, I will loosen my purse strings.(Disclaimer: I don't actually carry a purse.)

  8. So LG OLED or Panasonic OLED, and why? Plz answer, Ty.

  9. Why is this pretty much the only video review for this tele that doesn't have somebody speaking German or something? Lol. Also nobody really wants to go into specifics on their webpages. Been looking all over to find if I should be waiting for this or an LG for the current existing OLEDs (seeing how Samsung had something wrong with blue sub-pixels i think?).

    Anyways, good review. 👍

  10. poor old plasma. RIP

  11. Upscale does not look any better than what it looks on a 1080p reference plasma or 1080p oled.

  12. this or the LG? and why? without considering the price (when i can buy one, they'll probably be the same kinda price)

  13. Not a lot of 4k content so most of the stuff u watch on this oled will be 1080p. Which the zt will handle better.

  14. Matthew Healey

    Curved? No thanks


  16. Put a KRP 600A next to this and play 'OBLIVION' on both tv's.. The Pioneer will still outperform it. It will match it for colour.. It will have superior motion handling.. Yes the OLED has superior blacks but the Kuro is still pretty damn impressive. Superb for 7 year old tech.

  17. +AVforums can you show us the hisense led 2k and 4k, and uled tvs, and changhong curved tvs, and oled tvs, haier too

  18. Still lagging behind plasma when it comes to motion handling from what I hear.

  19. So they aren't trying to sell many then for that price. OLED is still waaaay too expensive.

  20. Саша Фурів

    Sony's OLED TVs will be better 100%

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