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Panasonic TX40CX680B Firefox OS Freeview Play TV Review



  1. Good review. I think you should keep doing reviews

  2. Really good review, however I think if you are buying a modern TV and wanting a good menu experience and the ability to run apps like your iPad or tablet, then you're a little naive, TV menus are always sterile clunky messes and if I see them twice in two years it's too much, connect an,Xbox,ps4, or pc and stream from those, these company's spend millions developing these machines for the user experience and Panasonic spend £50 or so it feels like it…

  3. Thank you, this helped me decide against getting this and getting the sony android instead.

  4. Hi, could you please tell me if this TV have FLASH player, can I watch flash videos on Firefox browser.?

  5. Excellent review. I am puzzled of which to buy between sony, Panasonic, Sumsung and LG smart tvs. After watching your review, I have crossed out panasonic and Sony off my list. thanks .

  6. Excellent review. Thanks for helping me decide against this TV!

  7. Hi, I have just purchased this very same model a couple of days ago, not for the in depth smart apps, more for the picture quality. I just wanted to know whether you have managed to compile a good set of picture settings and if so, could you possibly share those. By the way a good review… Thanks

  8. very good review thankyou

  9. curious, do you not have web apps on this yet?

  10. The YouTube feature works on Android phones but not iPads. I managed to mirror my Samsung S5 to it

  11. great review ,my 84 year dad is looking for a new tv he has no internet he just wants a great picture must be panasonic would you recommend ,if you had it from richer sounds they do a really good exchange policy if you not totally happy

  12. I too was put off the buggy Sony Android 4K TV's. It seemed that everywhere I looked they were being panned with scathing review after scathing review. Having always been a Sony fanboy I was pretty miffed. I'd always looked to Sony as a first port of call when selecting a new TV. I REALLY had my heart set on the KD43X8305E to go with my Sony phone, tablet and PS4. Instead, like you, I went for this Panasonic. The reviews were excellent. WHAT HI-FI gave it a glowing review awarding it with 5 stars but, after watching your review, I think I'm regretting not going with the Sony. I'll see how I get on with it. If it's not up to scratch after a few weeks of use I'll flog it on feebay and get the Sony 43X830 (not least because the screen is 3 inches bigger). Great review btw.

  13. Thanks for the pretty good review. Re the Netflix button, its the most stupid idea Panasonic has ever had, I returned their BR player because of the same problem, i kept pressing it accidentally constantly and it drove me nuts. Can you tell me what the black levels are like on this TV compared to the Samsung JU6400 series which I have been looking at also. My current TV is an 8 year old Panny Plasma so I want good Blacks and good motion handling like I get now. Also whats it like in standard def!
    Lastly I notice you have the Back light quite high and the contrast at maximum does this really need to this high? I use mainly for Movies. Well done for RS Plug, I wouldn't buy anywhere else anyway.

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