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Panasonic UT50 Plasma TV Review



  1. YouTube, 50" Panasonic Plasma TV repair, will explain it all. You can FIX IT YOURSELF FOR about $50!

  2. Common problem with these TVs. The SS board is BAD. You can buy this part on eBay for about $50. FIX IT YOURSELF and SAVE YOUR MONEY! Many YouTube video's on this, 8 blinks …what to do

  3. My UT50 is currently at the repair shop. Suddenly turned off and wouldn't power on. Power light blinks 8 times & that's about it. Waiting on the estimate to fix it. Pretty bummed as the tv isn't quite 2 years old and is only viewed in the evening. 

  4. haytham thabit

    thats why get samsung or lg

  5. Be careful this model TV Is defected and It broke not once but twice in a little over a year old! That's a disgrace and pathetic and panasonic wouldn't fix the second break! The boards in the TV kept going bad so right now it's getting fixed on my expense and remember my TV Is only about 16 months old! While it was operating it was a great tv but it's obviously a lemon! Don't buy this piece of shit

  6. 31pockets is wrong You hold volume down on tv and hit info 3x on remote..

  7. so what is game mode…? what's the difference between game mode and cinema mode?

  8. Hi there, great review. Would you mind telling me why you set your blacks to "light"? I put them on the other setting (dark?) and blacks look great, completely dark/black. Is it because of all the light in your room? Thanks 😀

  9. 2pacalypsenow86

    I have owned this tv for around 8 months, I switched from a 3d led LG. Picture is fantastic in a dark room. Blu-rays are beautiful in 60hz. The problem with this tv appears to be 50hz content. Any fast camera pans leave a horrible green effect. Slow juddery pans cause double images unless ifc is set to max which is truly horrific. If this tv didnt have the 50hz issue then it would be unreal for the price, it has ruined many tv series on sky for me. I believe all panny plasmas have this issue now

  10. where is the hdmi settings on this tv? more particularly the 50"
    i cant seem to change the black level or find a custom viewing mode?

  11. Why is the screen so dimmed/gray?
    Is that how the picture will look on this model?

  12. Brandon Keilback

    That "white noise" your talking about seeing around the edges, are NTSC Timecode and broadcast bars. Retard

  13. PlatinumKing665

    I have the 42 inch UT50, and to answer your questions: Closing the blinds won't remove the reflection entirely, but it does make it neglectible. You'll only really notice the reflection in dark scenes. What you wanna do when buying this tv is not let the screen face a window or light source. And about image retention. The first few days I had very little image retention from bright green images, but the retention faded away after a few seconds, so it's not really an issue

  14. When I had that tv it sucked I got the samsung e550 and e7000 ad they are amazing

  15. MrPineappleHero

    plasma screens are very resistant to burn in nowadays, they have built in technology to combat it, it is not the issue that it was a few years ago, unless you do something stupid like leave the television on a static screen for a day or two you should not get burn it, avoiding black bars for 100-200 hours is really not necessary, most people take just take the tv out of the box and use it as normal………….

  16. My tv won't let me adjust the black level, it skips over it? can you tell me how to get around it?

  17. My ut50 died last night!!!! Its only 10 months old! Explain that one assholes! Fuck panasonic

  18. Justin kellett

    There is no option for custom mode what do you enable that? some hidden menu?

  19. I've some questions: Would you advise the ST50 (roughly 250 euros more) over UT50 (because of the AR Louver Filter)? And how dark does the room have to be concerning the reflection? Is closing the blinds enough to remove the reflection? And what about the Image Retention problems did you experience IR problems? Thanks in advance for answering 🙂

  20. Agreed. Its the same with PC monitors, matte coating filter affects the picture quality making the picture dirty and with less vibrant colors.

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