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Panasonic ZT60 Television Review



  1. I have a TXP65VT65B. It's that good it's spent the last 6 months covered up in my shed.. I bought a 2nd hand 60in Kuro to replace my old 50in i sold to buy the VT.. The Kuro's are still the best tv's ever made. And the TXP65VT65B was classed as 'reference'.. So how poor are these new 4K LED's.. Not 1 yet has been awarded 'reference' status.

  2. Do these people even know what there doing??  0:26 in  '65in Panasonic ZT60'  It's a 60in!!! Jesus. Can't even get the size correct never mind a review.

  3. So sad that Plasma is dying .. I went with LCD over plasma because it was lighter, brighter, arguably longer lasting, not prone to burn in, uses less power, puts out less heat, etc. etc… Now I feel like I will be forever missing out on that superior picture quality!! Those vibrant and life-like colors, those inky blacks!!!! :' (

  4. Best tv out period.

  5. oh god the rarest tv on earth

  6. I just bought one to replace the Pioneer Elite PRO-141FD that my shipping company broke.  The Panasonic was just delivered today and is still siting in the box. I hope it looks as good as my Pioneer did.   

  7. christopher charles

    This is the only tv  that better than my Kuro took few years but now Panasonic leaving Plasma same way Pioneer did …. Damn it!!!

  8. I think he means lamination, like what Apple does with its screens….

  9. Vt60 owner in the house….shotts outt to the zt60…were goin miss seeing thatt beautiful body…

  10. Can't believe Panasonic just upped and left the plasma game.. 

  11. any models in particular?

  12. I wish though that they have a thin bezel and borderless design like the new LG LCDs.

  13. Very sad now that we found the Holy Grail of TVs, Panasonic decides to get out of the plasma business. This happened with the Pioneer Kuro a few years ago. It's deja vu all over again!

  14. Everything goes through the receiver, why do you need more than 1 or 2 HDMI ports on the tv? People buying this won't be running everything separately.

  15. He looks like the child of Steve Jobs and Jack Black.

  16. Moises Hernandez

    What kind of HDMI cables are those? They looked as if they were glowing blue. AudioQuest Cables?

  17. Wish they made a 75-80" version :). I'd pay ~5K easy.

  18. @revieweddotcom maaaan i would really appreciate it if someone can verify if they played any games with static HUDs for more than 3 hrs with no damage. if you haven't i would really appreciate it if someone can tests this i really want this tv, but this is the only concern holding me back. cnet recommends the s60 for gaming. i would assume that the vt60 would even better at image retention prevention. I would really appreciate this!

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