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Panasonic’s ZT60 plasma has the best picture ever



  1. To the fellow with the 600A – agreed. Kuro's overall are still the best (non LCD) displays available to consumers still to this day. I have a 500M and i wouldn't (couldn't) swap it for anything. And any real pro worth their money would never say the ZT is the better than an ELITE or KRP plasma – never. It would be like saying one car has better performance than another because it has metallic paint – lol 🙂 

  2. KRP 600A is still the king.. Ive seen the new Panasonics and the Kuro destroys it colour wise. 4K LCD LED tv's aren't even worth mentioning. Ive had the LG OLED aswell, immence black level but awefull colour reproduction.

  3. panasonic still the best

  4. Officially the Best HDTV ever made and its a plasma : )
    I cant wait to get mine!!!
    it now surpasses the Pioneer Kuro Plasma

    it may not be 4k but it still out performs every other tv 
    suck on that one Samsuck!

  5. "RX100ist"
    Yeah, the only way Sony triluminuos system produces is cartoonish, unrealistic and overbright colors. Plasmas natural colors are a hundrer times better and more realistic than any LCD on the market. And panasonic ZT and VT have way more color range than Sonys LCD. 

    And yes you should really do your research before making that kind of amateur statement.

  6. People who know TV's and want the best of the best picture quality 😉

  7. John Pinkerton

    I could buy a new car for the price of a 4k.

  8. jermaineonealnumber7

    What a beauty! As always, excellent in-depth review David, much obliged, thank you!

  9. muataz shammari

    it's all about picture quality (not) density >>>>

  10. i like the stand lol

  11. Epiksun Production

    4K OLED TV's dipshit read my other comments, it cost around $20,000 for OLED 4K TV's.

  12. This is driving me crazy. The Cnet guys keep saying the zt60 and vt60 perform the same in a dark room, but I've heard that the vt60 can perform up to 35fl and the zt60 can only go up to 30fl. That would mean the vt technically performs a bit better in a dark room. Are the cnet guys saying it's not enough to be noticeable?
    Also, what about ghosting in a dark room? Will the vt ghost in a dark room because of the space between the glass and the panel?

  13. sony and lg dose a better job with color reproduction for an led tv! as for plasma in my opinion they come out too dark and makes colors look over shadowed and everything is nighttime even in daytime. (im not talking about room light im talking about when there is a part of the movie in the daytime it still looks dark on a plasma in my opinion)

  14. in my opinion the tvs that has the worst out of the box color reproduction is samsung (for most of there tvs some of there higher end are not bad but still weird) most samsung tvs i seen at least what they show at best buy shows the colors over painted look as if they believe that the colors we see in person aren't the real colors only what we use to paint with are real. allot of there tvs just look like they over clocked the brightness and it makes everything washed out!

  15. Epiksun Production

    I agree.

  16. that 4k OLED was a prototype. i do agree with color over pixels but the sony 65" tv has pretty realistic colors (at least with my eyes)

  17. slandered*

  18. my dad cant even see "hd" so to him hd looks like stander def. he has a stander def projected tv at 70" and he says it looks just as good as my 23" 1080p led tv

  19. in the end TVs speakers computers gaming systems etc are only opinions of the person buying them. if you cant see 4k then dont waste money on it. if you cant see 3d dont waste money on that either. in the end its up to the person that spends there money on the tv/anything else.4k was designed for tvs bigger then 80" because at 80"+ 1080p can look stretched out its all about ppi (pixel per inch) the more ppi the cleaner the image.

  20. sony 55/65" 4k tvs are $5.000/7.000 so krishaun27 dose have a point there.

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