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Philips 48PUS7600 UHD TV review



  1. Philips 43PUS7100/12 UHD Tv Philips = bad and dysfunctional Android!

  2. Hello Darko , I have this tv sinds 2 days and my games looks very sharp but total shit. I play xbox one so is it maybe better i stay with full hd? btw thank you for your setting info, it always looks better on previous tv's :)

  3. Nice video

  4. Extremely well made and informative video! You seem to know your stuff as well. Getting this TV tomorrow ;)

  5. sebastian salomonsson

    Great review, one of the best tv reviews i've seen, great job!

  6. Hi Darko… Im going to buy a new Tv next month, and im standing between Philips 55PUS7600 and Sony KD55S8505…Which one should i choose in your opinion?? Which one is better and gives better picture??

  7. will you test and reviev 49uf640v ?

  8. Hi darko, thanks for the review. I'm currently struggling, trying to chose between this model wich was my first 'almost definitive choice'. And then I read lots of positive reviews about Sony 's Kd55x8505c, that have easier opinions to found. In your opinion who comes out in a match between those two finalists? Thanks ;)

  9. Hugo Conceição (el Fox)

    thank you Darko!

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