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Philips 48PUS7600 UHD TV review


Kingcenton Mini Projector Portable Video 802 LED Digital Full HD 1080P Screen 4k Games TV beamer Stand for Iphone,Ipad,Business Use,Laptops Home, Cinema, Theater, Multimedia Player, Entertainment , Outdoor Activities Bluetooth Support AV TV VGA USB HDMI SD Manufacturer LCD Ceiling Mount Support 20000 Hours Lifte with Remote Control for Party (Black)

  • Ti 0.3-DMD DLP Technology 854*480 Native Resolution, Support 1080P media play and

Price: £55.99


  1. Philips 43PUS7100/12 UHD Tv Philips = bad and dysfunctional Android!

  2. Hello Darko , I have this tv sinds 2 days and my games looks very sharp but total shit. I play xbox one so is it maybe better i stay with full hd? btw thank you for your setting info, it always looks better on previous tv's :)

  3. Nice video

  4. Extremely well made and informative video! You seem to know your stuff as well. Getting this TV tomorrow ;)

  5. sebastian salomonsson

    Great review, one of the best tv reviews i've seen, great job!

  6. Hi Darko… Im going to buy a new Tv next month, and im standing between Philips 55PUS7600 and Sony KD55S8505…Which one should i choose in your opinion?? Which one is better and gives better picture??

  7. will you test and reviev 49uf640v ?

  8. Hi darko, thanks for the review. I'm currently struggling, trying to chose between this model wich was my first 'almost definitive choice'. And then I read lots of positive reviews about Sony 's Kd55x8505c, that have easier opinions to found. In your opinion who comes out in a match between those two finalists? Thanks ;)

  9. Hugo Conceição (el Fox)

    thank you Darko!

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