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Philips 49PUS6501 PUS6501 Android UHD TV unboxing



  1. does it have hdr?

  2. Edoardo Cetronio

    hey could you extract the gamefly apk ?

  3. hey darko 2 days ago i bought the 55pus401 im getting stutters on youtube in 1080p its connected via wifi

  4. Inace, totalno fora video 🙂

  5. Imam pitanje u vezi tog modela 6501: da li daljenski upravljac ima ugrađen Air Mouse? Koliko kuzim to je samo daljenski sa tipkovnicom?
    Gledam model 43PUS6401 PLUS koji ima dodatni Air Mouse, ali je sam televizor nesto slabili (Quad Core 8gb procesor), trenutno je ista cijena ova dva modela pa se dvoumim.

  6. Радужный мир транссексуалки

    Телевизор LED Philips 49PUT6101 Black    Какая разница?????

  7. I have a question: i bought 2 of the same TV,  and i had a tiny bright stripe on the screen(both had this problem) did you experencie the same? Did the stripes disappear after a time for you(if u experencied the same)?

  8. Great Channel, "iscritto".

  9. Would you recommend this tv for gaming on à ps4. À salesman told me the inputlag was verry bad on this model

  10. Hi i recently bought this tv , and the salesmen told me that if your Wifi speed is not that fast youll have problems with picture freezing sometimes , do you have that problem ?

  11. So this tv has HDR?

  12. Hey Darko, can you please tell me how tall it is with stand? Is it exactly 693 cm as advertised? Thanks!

  13. Nice! I really like your artistic take on the unboxing. definitely subscribing!

  14. Pozdrav Darko,očeš stavit kalibraciju za ovaj tv,kao što si obečao.?

  15. hi darko please what's the best budgets tv 4k for gaming and movies, and can't find reviews tv 4k seiki.

  16. Hvala Darko na odgovoru…

  17. when it will be possible to get the right calibration.?

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