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Philips 50PFT6550 HD TV Best Picture Settings



  1. what reson switch off Picture Motion?
    In HD content with black switching white screens in OFF – problem with moving objects

  2. awesomestuff81

    thanks! looks much better!

  3. Jan Ivar Beddari

    Thanks :)

  4. My god! this TV drives me crazy i dont know what it is. but when i have true motion off or as its called here Perfect natrual motion off. i still get a little bit of that ture motion feel cuse the picture style keep changeing back to standard fron ISF day automactic. This is a feature that i dont like at all on any tv it just makes the picture fell wierd. Anyway when i am in the control setting picturestyles i have noticed that when i turn it to lets say ISF day the true motion goes away but lets say that i am on channel 1 and then flick to channel 2 and then back to channel 1 the TV has put the picture style back to stadard wich results in a little of true motion to be back. is there a way to turn that off or is that something you have to live with.

    p.s exuse me if my english is bad =)

  5. Dejan “Reap3R” Todorovič

    Good job, ive used the settings u recommend and it is really much better then it was before! thank you

  6. will this settings work the same on other models or it is every model different?

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