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Philips 50PUT6400 4k Ultra HD TV Review



  1. Will my Bluetooth headset work with it?

  2. Does it have VP9 to play Youtube 4k or vp9 is not required at all to play youtube 4k?

  3. Anders Christensen

    Can these settings be applied directly to 55PUT6400 too?

  4. Is it good for ps4 gaming ?

  5. Thanks for the review. I find deep blacks the most important criteria actually. Is the 40'' model identical in terms of picture quality?

  6. I have this TV but what annoys me it the bad backlight uniformity.. blacks are less of a problem because it just turn down the backlight in the area it needs, but when I'm in menus with a solid background-color the backlight is very cloudy.. you can see that the background is supposed to be a solid color but it just isn't, it's very unevenly lit. That cloudiness is also clearly visible in scenes where the camera is panning over an area with similar colors (like a sky for example). I guess I can live with it considering the low price I got it this TV for but if you really want good problem-free backlighting, this TV ain't got it.

  7. I did a software update and it's been fine. thanks

  8. Hey, how do i turn motion off " soap opera effect" because most of the movies i watch looks so real that is like ur watching behind the scene. Please.

  9. hi can anybody help I have this tv had it for around a month and every 5 minutes or so keeps goin bright then dim bright then dim can anybody explain why or if I can fix this

  10. Does this TV work well as a gaming TV as well?

  11. how do i actually watch in 4k? do i actually need the hdmi 2.0 ( i have one connected to my xbox one but i can't watch netflix in 4k and i dont see anything else in 4k, i'm sure its probably because i dont have the right package but we pay for the hd with 4 people (not sure if this is 4k, probably not) but is there anything else i can wathc in 4k? i tried youtube and that doesnt do 4k

  12. looks a nice tv for the price

  13. Does this do 60hz 4:4:4 when using with pc? thanks for the help.

  14. HI, you guys seem to mention that the put6400 uses a 8 bit panel. Are you sure about it? I've heard many times that all philips tvs actually use 10 bit panels.

  15. CookieMurderer123

    hi guys can you advice on tv please Sony KDL-5oW805b or 4k Panasonic tx50cx680b

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