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Philips 55PFL6008 3D LED TV Review



    STAY AWAY From Philips! I bought a TV and after 7 months it quit working. Tried to get replacement under warranty… Been 3.5 months now and still no TV. In fact, I returned mine via the RMA/shipping label they provided. When I emailed asking them when I could expect a replacement, they sent me the tracking number that I had to return the TV and said I received the TV and needed to call the police to file a report. THEY NEVER SENT ME THE TV AND NOW DO NOT RETURN MY EMAILS!!! Wish I talked to a co-worker first who had same problem. Philips? RUN AWAY!!!

  2. AV Forums, the music is way too loud, it shouldn't interphere with the speaker voice. That aside it was a useful review. May I recommend you add a few suggestion for a similarly specced alternatives when doing those reviews ? I was also looking at the LG 47LA690S, what do you think ? Thanks for the video. 

  3. I got my self one of these Smart tv (Philips 55PFL6008S ) but I didnt not like the remote it was so 90s

  4. what should i pick between the Phillips and this LG 55" CINEMA 3D FULL HD SMART LED TV MCI 400Hz – 55LA691?

  5. Go to AVForums and the LED/LCD forum for them.

  6. Gianluca Domenella

    can you please post settings for good calibration. Thank you.

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