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Philips 55POS901 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Review



  1. man that input lag is ridiculous

  2. im a gamer but not serious. I have a ps4 pro surely it would be ok to play games on that? I need a gaming footage in 4k

  3. It would be great if you guys did more video reviews on televisions. There are not many tv experts on youtube maybe you can exploit that.

  4. no 3D… pass

  5. Burn in still q

  6. jhon clide barzola canales


  7. POS = Philips Oled S(sattelite tunner)

  8. Years ago I use to own the Philips aurea. By far the best tv I've ever owned. Now wanting a new 4K HDR tv. I was hoping the new Philips range would incorporate amberlight. So I was excited about this, as I wanted a OLED. But I am so annoyed with the gaming lag and no 3D. These two are a must for me. It's seriously not hard to know a decent benchmark and add everything so your tv can play anything at a great spec. So disappointed.

  9. Hamad Abdelkadir

    Why buy this at 2800? When for that money you can get a b6 65 inch or a 55 b6 for 1800 I don't get it?

  10. 4:38 For the gamers input lag @ 55-59ms between SDR/HDR content. Consoles are selling like hot cakes, PC players are spending too. Hopefully all manufacturers are paying attention lol. On another note, are there other modes such as "Gaming Mode" or "PC Mode" etc. to reduce input lag?

  11. Philips simply years behind


  13. this is a nice tv

  14. Plssss do a calibration vid! I have this tv but i really dont know how to calibrate it properly

  15. That ambient light its a nice touch but im a gamer and that input lag is a no go for me 😏, nice review ..!

  16. 55 POS 901- no one caught the POS acronym and thought, we should probably change that, too funny.

  17. is this better than the lg for 2016?

  18. The feet at the end of the table is a shockingly bad design decision. Why stop there, extend the feet out another 10 feet and sell a Philip's branded stand.

  19. The absolute best quick reviews on YouTube

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