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Philips 55PSU7809 Ultra HD 4K TV Review



  1. yeah pls your calibrated settings!

  2. What are your calibrated settings? Please provide it to us.

  3. Inputs?
    Is it a 30Hz or 60Hz screen?

  4. Hi, is it 8 bit chip in it or 10 bit ? Thnak You …

  5. does this model support 4K video USB support ..if not what models do support 4k on a usb device….also will a 1080p video on a usb device be upscaled to 4k with decent motion on this tv and other models ..  personally the only selling point for this tv is the ambilight so if this model cannot support 4 k on a usb device or cannot upscale a 1080p to 4k or if it does upscale but not in decent motion would it be better to go for a sony 4k….sorry for being pedantic but I think these are important questions about 4k TV's for a someone who has very little knowledge about 4k I hope you can understand and can answer my questions….thnx

  6. Picture and colour looks natural

  7. jostein Ballestad

    Thanks for review, i have order 42".. Nice to se what i get :)

  8. Even on my computer that image looks Wonderful! That image looks almost like I can reach out and touch it.  Amazing. 

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