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Philips 65PUS7601 UHD 4K TV Review



  1. Hi Steve,
    Cheers for the great review, you and John Archer seem to be leading figures in the industry today.

    May I ask you for your expert guidance please? I have three options:
    Options 1:
    May I ask you which you buy out of these two TVs: Philips 65PUS7601 or LG 65UH770V. In in Germany I can get each one for €2050 and €1400 respectively (both are b-ware/ returned items). FHD, UHD and HDR (I have both Amazon Prime and Netflix) are important for me. I'm really not sure whether Dolby Vision should be an important consideration and I guess no one really knows. Ambient lighting is important; to be honest if I chose the LG then I will probably buy separate ambient lighting system anyway.
    Option 2:
    Should I just wait, hoping that something else comes up later on this year from a more budget orientated manufacturer such as TCL and Hisense. Vizio is not available in Germany.
    Option 3:
    Buy a Hisense 65K5510 for €1000 and hold on to it for 2-3 years.
    I hope you can help me a little.
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. Hi uncle thank you very much for those vids and best picture setting vids also⚘, i just want to ask u, what do u advice me to buy, do u prefer, Philips 65PUT7101, or LG 65UH850V ? Thank you!

  3. this tv 120hz or 240hz?

  4. Hey I tried connecting my Xbox one S to 4K and it said that this Tv runs 4K but not a certain 4K , can you help??

  5. How can I calibrate my tv I have a lg 4K tv can someone help me please thank you

  6. How can TV manufacturers release these sets with the calibration as it is.

  7. can u please do a review of the hisense he65k5510?

  8. ThunderStruckCoach

    Can the ambi-light be turned off completely?

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