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Philips 9002 OLED TV Unboxing + Picture Settings



  1. LG C7 or Philips 9002 ?

  2. Out of curiosity Vincent, what is the background music used during unboxing please? Thank you, Ian.

  3. Can you come to my house and calibrate my LG E6?

  4. GunnarsMassageoPizza

    Hello! I really like your detailed reviews! 🙂
    I have a question, maybe you know the answer!?
    I have a Philips 75PUS7101/12 lcd tv that I’m very satisfied with besides one detail.
    When the background is panning and a still object is in the foreground the ”perfect motion” set to any value but off gives some artefacts around the still object.
    Is there a way around this?
    Or do I have to live with this, because it’s a cheaper series TV?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Martin Johansson

    I've got one of these, and like it so far.. But I'm curious to know if you experience issues with the ARC-function. The audio through ARC gets low pitched for me somehow, meaning all sounds, especially voices, are much darker than they are supposed to be.. I have it hooked up to an Onkyo TX NR 717 Receiver, and I fiddled with the Ultra HD-option (tried all three options) since my reciever is only Full HD 1080p. Tried to call Philips for some assistance but they just gave me their standard replies like "try another cable", "try restoring to default settings" and so on. Software has been updated twice but the problem still persists. Apart from that, it's a great TV imho.

  6. 感谢上传!飞利浦终于出oled了.

  7. hi how is the responstime

  8. When 65 inch version will be available?

  9. Vincent I'll be pleased if you compare carefully the screen uniformity (at low IREs vertical banding and tints with bright grays/whites) versus other brands 2017 OLED like LG's and Sony's.
    Don't forget please to compare its ABL performance too.
    Uniformity for me it's very important, vertical streaks on OLEDs makes me sick and distracting while panning in scenes with dark grey tones (i.e. Netfix's Marco Polo and OA have many of them on HDR/DV).

    These are very expensive TVs and I don't understand how media doesn't mention it more vehemently.

    Maybe LGD should fix earlier this issues (image retention/screen burn its the other important thing to fix for me) instead for example, increasing nits "for free".

    Sorry for my bad english. Thank you in advance Mr. Teoh.

    P.D.: I have a bad experience with a 55C7V burned two months after buying it with several horizontal and vertical streaks visible in low IRE content. 2500€ of illusion converted in pain. I'm still waiting LG support fix this mess.

  10. Does Philips still support 3d technology?

  11. re: the order of their "Colour Control" settings (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta) – this matches the order of colours as they are anti-clockwise in the CIE 1931 xy diagram. With the coloured bars top/bottom of each scale showing whether you are adjusting the point more towards either neighbouring colour. Eg Adjusting Red, you move it up (more towards Yellow) or down (more towards Magenta). [ps I'm not saying this is a good idea, just where their bizarre order of RYGCBM probably comes from!]

  12. PMSL “ultra deep.. that’s what she said”.. so unexpected in another otherwise ultra professional video. Hilarious. Keep it up Vincent

  13. Can u check the power consuption i standby? My set pulls 15watts, its suposed to be 0.4watt

  14. If you will have this for two weeks, please have Phillips arrange to send you Hue bulbs or LED strips to really demonstrate this models Ambilight ability.
    Most reviews do not go that far into this feature unique to Phillips. I find it can be especially enjoyable on some games even if people may not want it for all types of media.

  15. Great tv except Philips has so copied Sony design from their 2014/15 range

  16. LG C7 when watching okja on Netflix cinema on is gray out for all video settings and true motion is off , is cinema on even if it grayed out?

  17. * There seem to be some problems with the Ambilight on this model (e.g. to bright). Can you check this?
    * Will the 65” 9002 have the same specs?
    * Any updates on DV support by Philips?

  18. U forking with everything… 🙂

  19. Armin Ajdarpasic

    Can you make a tutorial of how to calibrate the a smart tv? I think you would get a lot of views

  20. sony XBR-55X905E?

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