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Philips 901F / 55POS901F Ambilight OLED TV Review



  1. Anonymous-Danger

    to bad the input lag is that high. if not I would have considered buying this beauty.

  2. The HDR looks way too dark. You can see that you miss a lot of detail. There is essentially black crush or at least it is too dark.

  3. Thanks for a great review, nice that you had the LG OLED available for direct comparison

  4. Łukasz Żebrowski

    New subscriber here 🙂 Thank you this very informative review. We haven't seen 2017 LG OLED line reviews yet. Would you consider this Philips to be superior to new LG OLEDs like B7 or C7? I am also slightly less keen on AndroidTV compared to WebOS. Appreciate your input.

  5. PatrickBateman47

    One of the best review, very detailed.

  6. Andrea Minini Saldini

    I'm surprised that the motion improvement hasn't been made a bigger deal of. Quite a shame that this is exclusive to Philips, considering they only offer 55" size.

  7. Finally a in depth review! Can you please show me your recommended isf day setting for colour? Im struggling here haha

  8. Nice review ! Thanks !

  9. Great review, seems like a fantastic tv but worried about spending so much on a Philips. Really tempted to wait for Panasonics EZ952 instead, it will probably be the best OLED with the EZ102.

  10. Excellent review, excellent site, excellent reviewer!!

  11. Thomas W Broyles

    Really great explanation. I learned a lot from this video, thank you. How do you feel about OLED burn in over time?

  12. great review…..

  13. It is the only brand that can be said shows the true Dolby Vision with its 17 bits (?).

  14. Fantastic review!

  15. Vincent,great review…Will you be privy soon to review a Lg E7 or Sony A1E oled before april?

  16. ابراهيم الماجد

    When reviewing the Samsung QLED TV 2017

  17. Саша Фурів

    Sony and Panasonic 2017 oled are better in picture quality .

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