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Philips Hue Smart Lighting + Xbox One – Review



  1. Can you use all these with samsung phones?

  2. why wont any of yall let us know how to set it up why is this so hard for yall why not make video on how to sync the hue lights to xbox one….. showing off how it works is not the move let us know to do it damn….

  3. very nice video. im curious how do you set up the lights to work with movies? my wife just got me the starter kit black friday i have seen videos showing it work but no one is explaining how it works.

  4. Great video!

  5. Patrick Berube

    josh do a what on my iphone video

  6. Ambilights are more recommended.

  7. Great vid! Would love to see a tutorial of what you think are the best places to place various hue products

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