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Philips TV antenna review!



  1. Sharon Joudrey

    I just bought this and it worked better than the more expensive one. I am in Newmarket, about 20 miles north of the CN tower where some of the signals come from. In one configuration of the antennae I can get CBC (5), CKVR (3) and TVO kids channel (19). Another configuration will get me City tv (57) and a slight adjustment will get Global (40). I have also gotten French (25) and Omni 2.  I am still hoping to find the configuration to get 9 and 11 as well,  as it should be in range.   I am on the second floor and put it in a north window, although the CN tower is to the south.  In the beginning, walking around the room seems to make me the antenna so I solved the problem by mounting it on the side window frame.higher up.  When I want to watch another channel on a different configuration I have to scan for the channel again, but hey, we can now watch the Leafs on CBC… go Leafs go.         Does anyone know if there is a way to keep all channels in "favorites"  or not having to scan again to bring in a channel?

  2. i had that same antenna and the thing needed a converter box I hate using converter boxes I'm a "plug and play"guy

  3. I am currently in Montreal, Canada I recently dished a provider because I was fed up with the service and the cost associated with it. I went out and grabbed myself the same antenna. Through many manipulations I am able to receive 10 channels even WPTZ from Plattsburgh, NY. I can not catch CTV from my bedroom but I can from my living room. After all it is not a bad investment. Suffice to say I totally disagree with the reviewer. I am in the East end of Montreal.

  4. Try mohu leaf 50 indoor hdtv antenna

  5. Hi, my tv has only one port for coaxial wilre and it is connected to my satellite box. How can I connect this antena to my tv? directly to the satellite box or will I need an extra device like splitter or so..?
    Thank you

  6. They had it on sale for 4.99 at a local electronics store. I was able to pick up 10 channels off of it.

  7. Awesome! I bought the cheapest antenna to try as I want to cut cable cost.  I am receiving over 30 channels crystal clear with this gem so I will not go back to cable. I live on the 19th floor and the antenna is between my 2 wall units. I live in the Toronto area.

  8. GunsKeepAmericaFree

    Cut your fingernails, thats disgusting.

  9. hi.. can i use it in Puerto Rico..? thnx! :)

  10. Hi, Does anyone use this antena in Montreal area? How many and what are the channels do we get from this antena? Thank you. 

  11. Blanca mcintosh

    hello  I try this antenna with me old T.V but nothing happen, I don't know how to do it. 

  12. BOSS

  13. If you don't know how to buy and use antenna, don't post reviews. 

  14. Just bought this one and am getting great HD reception on about 8 channels.All I want is to be able to watch the news now and again.
    For those who want to avoid the monthly cable charges and don't really need 100 channels, I think this antenna is a great solution!

  15. I own this antenna here in Brazil and for me it is not good. Good review anyway.

  16. thepianoplayer416

    Came to the same conclusion I did a month ago.

    Don't waste time & money on some indoor antennas. When you put them inside, they pick up too much interference. When you got signals bouncing off windows, walls, doors these would confuse the converter so your station is dropped even if the signal is strong.

    Tried Terk fdtv2a. Got PBS 95% of the time and would suddenly fade out for half a min and then reappear. Tried Philips SDV3132/27 disk on the table & on the wall. PBS wouldn't come in at all.

  17. I have the same one!!!!!!

  18. I just found this video through a Google search – have you found an antenna you really like, or is there not one that's really satisfactory? My family and I have the roku player, but we would like something that would give us at least some live channels and local news. Thanks!

  19. Hi Jake. Try the TERK HD antenna-crystal clear HD channels(around 4-7 usually received).

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