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RCA 24″ LED LCD 60Hz 1080P HDTV Review/Quality Test [LED24A45RQ]



  1. Mitch the toilet guy

    can games work with the AV

  2. $240!! for a RCA 24" 👎👎

  3. So i just got the rca 48inch smart tv. Im having a hard time entering in my password for the wifi connection. It says "press ok to enter" but when i do it keeps adding more letters to it. Does anyone know how to enter it. Please Help

  4. great video buddy! thanks it helps me alot!..

  5. Is it just me or do you sound like Jack Black?

  6. Just purchased the 48'' off the Walmart website for just 299.00…RCA FOREVER!!!

  7. would it work with Google chrome cast for mirroring? thank you for great review!

  8. hey my RCA tv came with this red plastic thing under it. I cant seem to take it off. Any help?

  9. How i can go to the menu and put the game?? Plz

  10. i by mistake pushed audio only now the screen is black and i can not get the picture back on,How can i get the picture back ?

  11. Nigga keep ur voice down

  12. i got a 46 inch and the speakers are not to my liking. 
    it sounds so terrible compared to my samsung tv.

  13. Is this jack black lol

  14. This racist asshole

  15. I got a rca for 240 and its a 32 inch 

  16. i can get it cheaper

  17. this guy sounds like jack black.

  18. MGS4 runs at a sub-hd resolution (slightly lower than 720p)

  19.  Cheapest on amazon:RCA 29" LED 720p 60Hz HDTV | LED29B30RQ : http://amzn.to/1qBa1gE

  20. RHA eaglestriker

    this retard dont even give you the response time and input lag time

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