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RCA 3.5 portable TV review



  1. Burning Experience

    what if i was using the mini tv in a moving car down the highway can i still get signal?

  2. can u plug in games

  3. 1:01 bless you

  4. they sell it on amazon for around 60 bucks.

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  6. Where you buy it?

  7. that was fallout 3 megaton in the background

  8. can you use it on cable

  9. Someone is playing Fallout 3!

  10. wish you would have shown the menus, set-up, tuning, battery, etc…

  11. do you have to pay for the shows

  12. I have the same chipstick 😸

  13. Godfather916619goto

    You sound nice.

  14. HUND (Sergio BPM)

    2:47 to 3:01 LOL

  15. Star Wars Studios

    About the size of an iPhone except thickness

  16. isn't that thing battery powered?

  17. where did you get the small adapter fir the antenna

  18. Ware u get it

  19. How do you run the autoscan? Mine just arrived but it came without a manual. And you edited that part out of your review 🙂

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