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RCA 50” full hd led tv unboxing and overview



  1. the smart app are fast

  2. Yo you guys live like pigs

  3. Hey. I'm having problems connecting to the wifi with mine. When i put the password in. It says hit "ok to enter" but when i do it keeps adding more letters. How do i enter the password in??

  4. Austins Toy Vids

    I am going to buy my family a new 50 inch tv because we have a 48 inch plasma tv from 2004 yeah

  5. Brandon Martinez

    I have the exact same TV

  6. Sylvester Hardin

    Are you able to access the internet with this tv?

  7. not helpful

  8. i liked the video. thanks for sharing. and everyone shut the fuck up about hims room. damn we get it. but at least you get to hear the truth from us instead from a girl in real life. it will make you better.

  9. Nice school bus sheets man.. rock on.

  10. This is totally unrelated, but where did you get the hoodie you're wearing in the video? I want one like that

  11. I have had my rca 32 inch since 2013 just for my room

  12. Worst unboxing ever

  13. The LED RCA TV still work?looking to purchase a RCA brand but not sure about the quality and workmanship of the electronic components of the boards inside of the LCD-LED TV?The tv screen panel can last about ten years easily but boards and the electronic components that the problems most or all the times.Your video is over two half years. TV still working than boards and electronic components are made in good qualities materials.

  14. Do you ever clean up your room? How can you sleep in filth?

  15. great unboxing, BUT room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. worst review ever… dirtiest room ever… random babble… break your camera, thanks

  17. MurderedOut 615x (Gendo Ikari)

    So how is the tv now that you have had some time with it?I was thinking about picking up the 55 inch version.Its $500 at Best Buy.

  18. Hey bro clean your room!!!! Lol great video man nice unboxing 

  19. My suggestion, don't buy this tv. I was skeptical but I bought it anyway, knowing I could return it within 30 days. I returned it the same day. I own a Panasonic 50" Plasma, and bought the RCA for my dad, just over $500 with a 3 year warranty. My Panasonic blew it out of the water. I set it up and right away I noticed how bad the audio was. If you have an external audio source like the poster of the video, it's not an issue. Also, still images do in fact look quite nice, but I also noticed an inability to change existing video settings, forced only to edit one existing User setting. Setup my blu ray player to watch Game of Thrones which looks AMAZING on my plasma. Again, for still bright images it looks nice, but dark images with movement looks horrible. Weird ghosting and outlines, major lack of detail. Ultimately, if you are an enthusiast who really appreciates a good image, don't buy this TV. If you don't really care for the best quality and want to save some money, buy this TV.

  20. Evan McCallister

    I bet you fuck all da bitchez on that bed ;)

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