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REVIEW 2015 VIZIO 28 inch E28h C1 720p Smart LED TV DEMO



  1. Answered all of my questions about this tv! Thanks a lot bro.

  2. smart one putting it right behind a door lmfao

  3. Miranda Patterson

    How well does plex work on this TV?

  4. How did you get those apps on there?

  5. Can u web browser

  6. When I select the FB App it tells me to go to the address bar to log in but I can't see any address bar and can't figure out how to do that. Can you explain? The owners manuel that came with it doesn't tell you anything. Thanks

  7. I have the same tv but when I started using it the sound kept going out :/

  8. When did Netflix get Dragonball Z?

  9. elizabeth kamara

    it's cost $188.78 including tax without no warranty at Walmart, but with tax and warranty its $200.08, I mean two hundred dollars and eight scent

  10. SmokeytheFleetwood

    Thank you! This helped me choose to buy this TV!

  11. how much does that tv cost and where did yiu get it

  12. The last thing you said, about streaming to the tv. They just recently added that feature to Spotify. You can play your music straight from the phone to the tv.

  13. Has the 2014 24' Vizio ever turned off randomly on YouTube because mine always turns off or just crashes from YouTube and I have to open it again

  14. Awesome video.

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