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Review and unboxing Vizio M60-C3 4k Ultra HD TV



  1. Does anybody know the width of the stand (distance from one leg to the other)?

  2. it looks washed out here on youtube. I notice most LED have zero detail in the bright areas. Certainly looks like thats the case here.

  3. Well done presentation

  4. I bought this same TV…..much to my dismay it doesn't have a vga input so I bought a vga to hdmi adapter….and it still did not work for my PC can you help me please

  5. hi. do we need press any button to upscale 1080 to 4k?

  6. Farman Afridi TV

    I'm weak in English but maybe you will understand!!🤕i have questions is YouTube work without internet in this tv ?

  7. Is it true you can't stream 4K from YouTube on this tv?

  8. Midnight Rocker39

    I just got this TV a month ago and using it as a computer monitor for my desktop, it is a great quality tv, the samsung 4K tv's are overpriced and crappy, and the samsung 4k SUHD tv is a big gimmick with a cheap junky stand, and the most expensive one is 240HZ and the cheaper SUHD tv which is still expensive is 120HZ, Samsung is overpriced garbage

  9. got mines today brand new for 698 at Walmart

  10. Hey bud thanks for the video… I just picked up the 55" can you confirm for me that the UHD upscaling is automatic and not a setting? thanks.

  11. charliegabriel425

    It seems we have had some similar experiences in terms of HDTVs. My guess is that we'll both do very well with our respective M60 C-3s. I'm not usually so talkitive on YouTube, but I really connected with your channel somehow. And I've enjoyed participating which is something new for me. I appreciate all of your efforts including your feedback. I'll continue to follow your channel and update you on my Vizio experience if anything changes. I wish you well my friend! Take care.

  12. charliegabriel425

    I just wanted to finish my thoughts on why I returned the 50 inch Vizio M50 C-1 and exchanged it for a 60 inch Vizio M60 C-3. By the way, I'm sorry for all the typos in my last post. I was rushing a bit because of the honey-do last I needed to get to that hadn't been done at that point. The basic point that I was trying to make is that it's usually better to spend a little extra money for something that a person really likes as well as a little extra money to care for it properly. I learned my lesson when the Galaxy S3 first came out. I bought one along with a cheap case. I accidentally dropped the phone while talking to my wife while walking my dogs. The case shattered and my phone broke. It was an expensive lesson. I moved onto the Note series of Galaxy phones after that mishap. The Note 5 is golden! And I've never failed to protect each subsequent phone with a high quality protective case. In the case of a high quality HDTV the same logic holds true for me. A good quality television stand or wall mount can provide stability, peace of mind and enhance the viewing experience. And I also had to weigh the pros and cons of the value/cost equation. My wife and I don't go to the cinema very often although we've never missed a Star Trek movie. Our main form of entertainment and diversion is watching television. I mainly watch blu-rays. I also like to watch old TV shows on DVD like The Fugitive and The Rockford Files. My wife likes to watch what I call night time soaps. The truth is that we along with many other people use our TVs constantly. Whenever guests come to our home they peruse my DVD/Blu-ray collection of movies and TV series for something to watch. Children never seem to get tired of my Pixar and Jurassic Park collections. Adults seem hooked on Lost, 24, Band of Brothers, Prison Break and Star Trek in its various series incarnations and movies. I can tell you that I've viewed blu-rays such as Star Trek Into Darkness, Jurassic World and Planet Earth on this sixty-inch, M60 C-3 and everything looks phenomenal. As I mentioned before, viewing content on this sixty inch screen is a much more immersive experience. The M series has a full array panel that features 32 active zones. Vizio's new D series cost less money, but has less zones. All I can say is that I'm glad that I spent the extra money and went with the M series. The only other 4K HDTV that I considered at this price point was the Samsung JS700 series which is Samsung's entry model into its SUHD models. I was impressed by its colors and its overall vivid brightness. But, from what I could gather is that the tradeoff of this model was less than top notch black levels and some judder with 24p movie and television content. The M series was the highest rated 4K model at its price point for viewing TV and movie content. I don't do any gaming outside of Nintendo Wii so gaming isn't an issue for me. Also, the Samsung JS700 is only 55 inches and costs nearly a hundred dollars more with tax. Like I mentioned, we mostly watch TV programming and blu-rays and DVDs. And given the choice between brightness knits or premium black levels, I'll take the black levels! The final factor for me choosing this 60 inch M series is that 4K content will become increasingly more and more available this year. From what I've read and understand, it makes the most sense to view 4K content on these extra large screens to get the full benefit from the higher resolution. As wonderful as 1080p blu-rays already look on this screen, 4K blu-ray content played on 4K blu-ray players will surely look even more pristine and spectacular So, I feel like I've positioned myself well with this purchase in terms of picture quality and future proofing for a while. I like the Vizio philosophy of eliminating nonessential features and focusing primarily on picture quality to keep the dollar per price feature competitive. This is my first Vizio ever if I don't count the 46 inch E series or the 50 inch M series that I returned back to Costco. So far, I've been very pleased and impressed with the feature set of the M60 C-3. Today is day three for me with the Vizio M60 C-3 that I purchased on Monday. I want to become a Vizio fan because I'm quite happy right now. If this television proves reliable and maintains its picture quality it will have proved to be an exceptional purchase. The Panasonic plasma that's in our our master bedroom definitely has a superior build quality. That's a rock solid set that we've owned for four and a half years. However, the build quality seems to be nearly as good if not on par with the Samsung JS700. Aesthetically, the Samsungs are much more attractive though. The future of the M60 C-3's build quality will tell the tale although I'm certainly hoping for the best. There are so many beautiful HDTVs out there to choose from now. And that's a good thing. I think it comes down to budget, priorities and the features a consumer wants to get. Picture quality based foremost on black levels and contrast was my first priority. Price based on value was my second priority. Size was my third priority. Personally, I would recommend that anyone buying a 55 inch or larger HDTV opt for a 4K set. The 4K televisions are now so competitive with their 1080p counterparts that it seems almost a shame not to spring for one. These are, of course, just my personal thoughts and opinions based upon my experiences. I wish anyone well as he or she undergoes the process of choosing a new HDTV to buy. And again thanks so much for having posted such an excellent video. You definitely helped me along my personal buying journey to arrive at this final destination which is a happy place for me and my wife. Cheers!

  13. charliegabriel425

    Hello again my friend,

    I wanted to give you and your followers an update on my TV situation. Yesterday I returned the Vizio M50 C-1 to Costco that I had purchased just before Christmas. I really liked its overall picture quality and black levels a lot. And this is really saying something special because our prior TV which is a 42 inch Panasonic ST-30 plasma TV. It has exceptional performance and outstanding black levels. As I mentioned before, I relocated it to our master bedroom. I had been concerned that an LED LCD type television just wouldn't measure up to the black levels of a panasonic plasma television. The 32inch, 720p Samsung LED was transferred to our second bedroom and the old CRT set was transferred to our third bedroom. I knew I'd be constantly comparing our new living TV with the Panasonic in our master bedroom. And I'm happy to say the Vizio M50 C-1's black levels and overall picture quality have exceeded my expectations! I was very pleased with this model. If so then why would I return yet another HDTV to Costco and what did I buy in its place? I purchased the Vizio M60 C-3 which is the set that I had really wanted to purchase to begin with. So, I owe you a special thank you for posting your video of your M60 C-3. I had been on the fence about spending the extra $375 with taxes for the larger set. I also had purchase a new larger TV stand at Costco which discounted at $170 with tax because it was a display floor model. So, I spent nearly $550 extra to have this set in my home. Was it worth it for me and my wife over the 50 inch M series? Oh yeah, absolutely. The Tv stand itself is a beautifully elegant piece of wooden furniture that actually has a mount for the television. It has two storage drawers and three shelves. The top shelf is glass like our previous television stand. Best yet – my wife really likes it. And that goes a long way because I had to negotiate her willingness to allow me to upgrade to this TV. The height of the stand for viewing television is now ideal. The wires and cords were easy to hide due to the stand's design. I was also able to place the sounder directly below the TV which looks very attractive and is ideal for sound placement.The stand matches nicely with our other furniture decor in our living room. And there's just no comparison between a 50 inch and 60 inch TV while watching television. NONE!!! Even the 55 inch, 1080p Samsung LED LCD set that we had for a few days can't match up to the immersive viewing experience of a 60 inch sized set. I dare say that 60 inches is that minimum magic number needed for the truly full immersion experience that people speak of when having a home theatre set-up. And I'm sure this is just a matter of psychology, buy the sound experience of the 2.1 Vizio sound bar is more enjoyable coupled with this set. The one minor irritation I experienced during the TV setup was removing the thin strips of tape along the bezels. The strip that runs along the bottom of the TV left a sticky glue residue that was hard to remove. Other than that setup was a breeze and it was easy to mount this 60 inch set onto the new television stand. Although the set isn't particularly heavy, two people are needed to mount the TV mainly due to its width. My wife helped me and it took just a few minutes overall. It's a big boy! However, I could have left the legs on it and simply set it on top of the stand in the same manner that we had the M50 C-1. But, it looks more elegant this way. And there's more of a seamless integrated appearance with the set being being mounted onto the stand which makes it a just few inches higher. I should also mention that the stand both tilts up and down and swivels left and right. And what's equally important is that it is more secure this way. My wife and I live in a region where we experience earthquakes from time to time. For those who are like us, they may want to think of a good stand with a mounting kit or a simply a wall mount as cheap insurance. People buy decentness to protect their cell phones so why not buy a decent stand or wall mount for your expensive 4k HDTV? To be candid, I'm glad that I didn't cheap out yesterday. I'm glad that I bought an excellent table stand with a built-in mount. And I'm also so glad that I didn't go with the 55 inch, 4K Samsung 7000 series. I could have saved about $75 overall because I would not have needed to buy a new larger stand.

  14. I watched another guys video on 4k tvs and he said he had to pay extra for the 4k feature. But I think his video was back in 2014.. My question is did 4k cost extra when it 1st came out?

  15. Anyone know if this model supports Skype and the Vizio camera?

    P.S. Great review. Thanks!

  16. My old Pioneer Kuro (720P) bit the dust last night. God…I loved that set. Didn't want to drop a lung. I looked @ the Samsung 7500 55" curved & liked it. I understand that was on sale around BF week for $1299.99 Now it's $1799.99 I brought down my cheap 42" LG from the bedroom to hold me over. I'm really considering the M60-C3. For $999.99 & add $219.00 for a 5-year warranty I also have $580.00 in BB gift cards that I've been hording. I can only due the 60" with my Bello rack. I think I'm heading to BB tomorrow to pull the trigger. I understand it's a budget 4K, but it should hold me for 5 years until the newest arrives. Thank a bunch for the review.

  17. my qwerty board does not work on my remote for this TV and or we just can't figure out how to use it and can not find any directions? help?

  18. i have a vizio m series 50" 3D tv bought it in 2013 ,we had a gathering at our hoyse idk who did what now the botom 4 inches flicker, want to buy this one now

  19. EDEN'S Gaming VAULT

    Great TV , i have a 55'' M Series 4K exactly the same , lol minus 5 inches down , thats what she says 🙂 Honestly for the price and what comes inside this TV , i have not seen any other company give better offer than Vizio. SONY & SAMSUNG are selling the brand , but they don't give you much offerings that Vizio have for the affordable price .I recommend watching MAD MAX on VUDU UHD ATMOS DOLBY VISION & SURROUND , for reference 4K Demo Show off to your friends.

  20. CNET game this tv best in show for 2015!, beating higher prices tv like samsung and sony

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