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Review of Hisense 32 in HD TV



  1. it's called "highsense" but the brand spelled "hisense" and you know that word "hi"?

  2. is Hisense a good quality for gaming?

  3. Hahahahahahaha this is such a bad review man, i can tell all the way up in Africa. You sound like a nice guy, but this review sucks brother.

  4. it starts to turn off later

  5. Awesome i have the same TV but a 40" HISENSE that i got for $250 at Walmart i have a review and unboxing on my channel and it is a LED SMART HDTV

  6. this is not the Smart tv is ?

  7. you pay 160.00 dollars for the tv but you don't have a 1.00 screwdriver…hello

  8. nice tv stand

  9. I need to buy me a new TV.  I want another 1080p Samsung HD set, but I want one that's 120hz and 2ms.  

  10. We sold 20 million PS4. Take that, Xbots. We play superior Knack, Driveclub,Vizionecks,Little Big Planet

  11. +cfinecoco  Damn I have not seen that series Roc in like 15+ years was a great comedy.

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