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  1. How is your RCA 32 LED TV – is it still work?

  2. I just got one today and I'm trying to connect the WIFI but it will only let me type in a 25 character security key and my key is 26 characters.Any idea how to get around that?

  3. I connected it to the internet and it says it's connected but I'm not too sure how to access internet. 

  4. lol im sorry man , i really am sometimes , and that deal went by so fast .. and they probably had something wrong with them too , like you get what you pay for type stuff , idk

  5. You're an ass.

  6. it might be the signal on your cable, you mean it shuts off into the "sleep"mode where it thinks there is not signal?

  7. I bought one for Christmas and it shuts off randomly. Any ideas on what's up?

  8. planing buying one myself

  9. i got it less than <$200 that's the only reason i bought a RCA lol

  10. it's in the $200

  11. LOL call me a TroLL

    Honeywell LE 42" Class LED HDTV – 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 16:9, 120Hz, 100000:1 Dynamic contrast 4x HDMI, VGA, USB

    $350  < – – – – FREE SHIPPING _ TigerDirect D O T com

    ( how much you pay ?? um ?)

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