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  1. I went from — to /

  2. i have a question? do all tvs that say 24 are they all the same size no matter what brand they are?

  3. what is this about i forgot

  4. i just got a boner

  5. EvelynLyricsHere

    How much does this scost?

  6. Put gift in front of youtube

  7. @BloodStone20 so its great for xbox 360?

  8. ▲Master Of Life ▲

    im using it right now on my pc screen, very nice. But if you want to connect your hdmi to a console such as a xbox 360. My! its beautiful. so crisp and detailed.

  9. @BloodStone20 so is the tv

  10. ▲Master Of Life ▲

    Very nice

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