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Roku 3 Review: Can It Beat Apple TV?



  1. I have a roku 3

  2. YouTube app is brilliant.

  3. You guys are hilarious LOL! Great review

  4. Is it only wifi wireless or can it be used wired (safe from radiation)? Will it work in Europe?

  5. Thanks for help

  6. What if your tv is not a smart tv;can you use a blu-ray player that has wireless streaming features? Or if you use a avr system that doesn't have any internet access;do you plug into still;and it'll work? Please advise if anyone knows? Thanks.

  7. The Pulling Channel

    do set up boxes have live tv ?

  8. Honestly u r acting like this is something new… This is stupid and gay, I've had Netflix and a bunch of other apps on my play station 3 for many years now, so I dont need to waste my money on this product…. Plus, how is this in any way different from a regular media box u can buy from Walmart, etc.? All it does is provide u with streaming apps and such, nothing new, many media box's have provided the same thing since a while back, so I don't know why everyone's so excited about this product, I'd rather get an Android TV box, or Apple TV box, that's what's up! U can do much more on them than this crap called Roku, plus they are about the same price too… All said and done Roku is a waste of money for people who already have other more superior and similar products already… (I've had my Ps3 for YEARS, and this roku shit just came out a year ago in 2013…

  9. such a great video – i wish i had this much fun at my job :-)

  10. WeAreMovieMakers

    I hate shiny plastic remotes.

  11. Maitham AlTammar

    can i connect my phone and tablet  to roku wirelessly ?  

  12. doh… You Tube is a must.  No You Tube… No Roku.  Talk about shooting yourself in the proverbial foot.

  13. How do I cast my Slingbox onto the TV using Roku?

  14. I have the Apple TV and the Roku 3 and as far as performance it's toss up. Apple TV has cleaner interface but I love the home button on Roku 3. Without a doubt Roku 3 has far more channels but quality is not quantity. Apple TV has most of the important and relevant channels. The headphone jack on the Roku 3 remote is awesome. Bottom line if your invested in the apple environment, your better off with the Apple TV but if not, the Roku 3 is for you. Both devices are awesome. 

  15. how do you watch just the regular channels like 2, 5, 7 the normal channels?  Like cable all you do is change the channels but with the ROKU you have to select the App then look inside it for what you want to watch.  Can you still flip from channel to channel for the regular TV channels or not?  Thanks much!  Cynthia

  16. YouTube is now on roku. I got it. Best tv box ever!!!
    P.S.: the guy on the right reminds me of Dwight from the office 

  17. Roku with RarFlix + Plex Media Server and the Unsupported Channel Store == More content then one human can watch.
    If I were to recommend one device? It would have to be anything with XBMC like the OUYA.

  18. Got on my nerves, my god. Just review the thing already. 

  19. Bad review, fast talking, little good information, jumping everywhere, IMO these guys seem more like fast talking salesmen rather than good reviewers…

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