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Roku 4 – The ultimate accessory for your 4K TV




    will this work on my TV thats HD 1080p ? I don't have a 4K TV

  2. Yo! It's stupendous duck interfere 1!

  3. I'd be interesting to see a comparison with Android TV and Roku TV — at least until Apple TV comes up to 4K. It seems to me the Nvidia box is as good or better than Roku and the Android TV box includes a functional remote. I think Roku missed their market by not foreseeing that both $AAPL and $GOOG would bring their user interface convenience (i.e. Apple Siri, Google Now, Microsoft Cortana) to their TV platform in a functional remote.

  4. Wendy "Beach Whale – likes to diss other people and we have no idea why she's so popular" Williams??? WTF?

  5. Remember when BluRay first came out, they were putting the Intro Logo clips on 1080p and the Superman movie was actually playing at 720p. Watch out, probably going to get the same issues with "4K Movies", buyer beware.

  6. Zach Pennington

    Just bought a 49 inch 4K smart TV on amazon :p

  7. Anthony Johnson

    everyone who says that they could care less about 4K is because your broke. same people who could care less for luxury cars or a Swiss made time peice.

  8. Wendy Williams….. I died!

  9. "Wendy Willams?" 😂😂😂😴😴😴

  10. This guy would have to be the most uninspiring journalist out there.

  11. Apple TV 4 has a much nicer UI in my opinion.. Roku has a UI that feels like some of my older dvd players I bought for 20 bucks..I like some of the Roku features though like the headphone jack on remote and remote finder but not enough to cope with an ugly UI.. by the time 4K becomes a standard in most households, Apple TV will support it as-well so no hurry.

  12. "Shield TV" still a Win! Over Amazon TV/Stick, Apple TV or Roku box…Due to the shield CPU/graphics enhancement an Apps/games but if your looking for only media streaming then its tge "Roku box" #1 choice (Though, I do have issue playback issue on some .mkv files on my Roku 2)

  13. Is cnet serious? The maximum res for this is 720p? What the?

  14. I have the roku 3 the thing is a piece of this compared to my android box that can do hevc decoding.

  15. I'm sure Wendy Williams appreciated that shout-out.

  16. You need to upgrade your eyes to see 4k

  17. Looks like shit, Ill stick to Apple TV

  18. If I have an roku 3 will the remote from the Roku 4 be picked up by the roku 3?

  19. I know everyone is harping on the 4k but, why can't everything have a remote finder like that! It would save me so much time

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