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Roku 4k Full Setup and Review (4K)



  1. giovanni tumminia

    I dont believe that you need a special HDMI cable. To me those are selling strategies to make you buy more expensive cables for no useful reason

  2. Messimagician83

    There is no such thing as a 4k hdmi cable, it's either standard or high speed powered cable. Any cable will work, it's the chip sets in either player or tv that dictate what will work.

  3. I've read that you have since returned the Roku 4. With that said, I thought it was important to note that the TV itself can't tell you if any Roku apps are running in native 4K. The reason is that once you set your Roku 4 to 4K, the TV will always see the 4K 60p signal. The only way to know for sure is in app, through some sort of menu button if it is available. For example, both Netflix and Amazon have methods from within the app to tell you if you're receiving a true 4K signal. For Netflix, pulling up info will always show 2160, which is true 4K. The same is true for Amazon.

    With the YouTube app, It shows 4K when you start the video, but it's very finicky. I have Time Warner 200/20 Internet, and YouTube seems to always default to 1080p or 720p in app. The browser allows you to force true 4K.

  4. you clearly do not know how to choose content

  5. michael barkley

    I don't own any Roku's but I do own the 3rd and 4th generation Apple TV's though

  6. michael barkley

    I recommend a HDMI cable brand called audioquest trust me you won't be disappointed..that PS4 HDMI cable is the older version HDMI probably 1.4 you need a 2.0 HDMI cable dude

  7. Miguel Gonzalez

    you need a 4k hdmi cable for sure, ps4 cable is good but not the same

  8. Can you do a review of the Ultraflix app on the Roku 4.

  9. I believe you need a 4k hdmi cable and it should be in the 4k input slot is how they explained on other videos

  10. Marcus U (Maddog707)

    If you have 4K Netflix, check out Jessica Jones

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