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Roku Streaming Stick (2016) Review



  1. Is it possible to search, for example, YouTube video in languages other than English?
    For example, Korean, Japanese and Chinese? either using mobile app or on the Roku's UI?

  2. just bought 2, old roku broke and I can use the headphone remote with new sticks

  3. T h a t's P e r f e c t. Yo! badge bruise # 1!

  4. Lloyd Wainwright

    I have a Roku TV, and I want to get Roku to get the movies. I have no idea how to go about getting it. I have been searching the Internet, but I'm old (70) can any body out there help me? When I go to the Roku it says that I need a number and a pass word. I know what those are but how do I get them? then how do I connect to Roku? I'm sorry but I just don't get it.

  5. For god's sake when are these streaming devices going to output in 24 frames per second?

  6. are the menus fast and fluid or are they slow and laggy?

  7. Thanks for this, just ordered one.

  8. Can you add programs to it like the amazon fire stick?

  9. 👍🏾to the background Music

  10. new roku vs fire stick speed difference, and does it get as hot as fire stick

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