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Roku Streaming Stick (3500R), Hands-On Review, $50 for 1,000 Channels?



  1. Blockbuster button wtf?

  2. Mustafa Alsabagh

    please don't buy Roku product********Not against this device itself as i didn't tried it, but i'm against the customer support process, i tried the stick and stopped working within 2 weeks, Roku have one of the worse customer service, please don't deal with them, if your unit stop working you have to ship it to them on your expense in order for them to ship you the unit even if you have credit card info on the account, look like lack of trust with customers.

  3. Do you have to put in a credit card . I just wanna use it for netflix

  4. that's good

  5. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. Cutberto Hernandez

    Mine just has 3 options in the menu and lacks good content! Any help? :(

  7. Do they have caption on movies

  8. la flakitha Alonzo

    they are begging by credit card charge for something

  9. I was going to get this for my daughters room but it says you need to put in your credit card information. Do they have a way to where you can password? when a kid just decides to click on on the movies i wouldnt want my card charged or for the kid to be able to just buy a bunch of movies.

  10. Does it have youtube?

  11. I wouldn't wish a Roku streaming stick on my worst enemy. It worked great for a day then decided not to. Then after hours of internet searches i went through every troubleshooting suggestion until the tv screen worked but then the remote decided not to. Then a had to send the thing back and cancel the roku paypal subscription for it. The only amusing thing for me was that it has This Is Gonna Be Fun…….. on the box it comes in. Laughable really as it was far from fun.

  12. Hi, I want to know if I can mirror my Samsung Tab 4's screen using the Roku Stick? Thanks

  13. Arkethia Terrell

    Monica Walker – I got rid of cable 10 years ago, I just told the cable company to come get their equipment and I never looked back. Saved tons of money, I have four free movie channel on my regular tv. I'm sure one of those channels have a good movie on it. Get rid of cable people, your be surprised how much you won't miss it. Just keeping it real. P.S. you don't need this either

  14. Hi,

    Can I use this stick to access ESPN3.com and other internet sites from my computer or tablet or Android phone using the app for using your tablet as a remote for ROKU

  15. Yea, I thought I could get rid of comcast. I see that's not the case.

  16. Damn so you need to put in a credit card for it get started? That killed it for me I guess imma look for other sticks

  17. What is the phone number to call when you have problems with it.

  18. my internet speed 1 mbps roku comfortable this speed ?

  19. I'm having problems streaming face book to my route 3

  20. works as advertised, portable, but laggy as hell… freezes often. but overall great for the price

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